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Which Honest Men and Women organised the Olympic Tournament


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Some google searches turns up interesting facts... I have put some attached to names, feel free to google others then ask.. mmm are these the folks who should run such a tournament.

Organising Committee for the Olympic Football Tournaments

The Organising Committee for the Olympic Football Tournaments shall organise the Olympic Football Tournaments in compliance with the provisions of the regulations applicable to these tournaments and the Olympic Charter.


ZHANG Jilong China PR

Deputy Chairman

Marios LEFKARITIS Cyprus Apparently sold or at least switched his vote re World Cup in England....

Now Sportsmail can reveal the identities of the guilty men. Led by the hugely influential Jack Warner, arguably the biggest rogue in the FIFA gallery, the others were Korea's Chung Mong-joon, the Ivory Coast's Jacques Anouma, Marios Lefkaritis of Cyprus and Turkey's Senes Erzik.

The first four pledged their support to the Three Lions - Prince William, Prime Minister David Cameron and David Beckham. Erzik gave his repeated backing to England's ExCo member Geoff Thompson, the last time just an hour before the ballot.

England secured only two of the 22 available votes on Thursday, and bid leaders blamed FIFA ExCo members who had promised their support .

2 Apr 2012 – The Marketing and Television Committee is headed by Marios Lefkaritis of Cyprus as chair and Ricardo Terra Teixeira of Brazil as vice chair ... Ricardo is now identified at taking bribes for TV rights.... in Brasil. geez its so cosy ..at FIFA.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1335518/World-Cup-2018-FIFA-betrayed-England-bid-named.html#ixzz22yQgG8xB


Julio ROCHA LÓPEZ Nicaragua , Football association president Olympic Cttee President in Nicaraugua, in 2004...again double duty and dipping no doubt. Read more at http://www.laprensa.com.ni/blog/2009/04/17/julio-rocha-en-la-fenifut.html about the president from 1988 to now.. almost a lifetime appt.

FOK Timothy Tsun Ting Hong Kong (IOC)

Lydia NSEKERA Burundi (IOC)

Martin ALUFURAI Solomon Islands

Mircea SANDU Romania

Michail KASSABOV Bulgaria

Yousuf AL SERKAL United Arab Emirates President of soccer association and VP of Olympic Organising Ctte in country.. funny how these guys get dual duty..... http://www.thenational.ae/sport/uae-sport/debate-over-football-association-presidential-appointment, his election to the Football Association top spot was... " When the FA was dissolved last year, an Extraordinary Annual General Meeting was held," Hadeed said. "The UAE FA Rules and Regulations says only those attending an AGM are allowed to changes the rules. In fact, Clause 64 clearly states it is not permitted to negotiate rules and regulations at an Extraordinary AGM. Yet it was at this Extraordinary AGM that they changed this elective rule." Pretty much against the rules.

Gabriel AMEYI Togo President of Togo Association who .... Gabriel Améyi inaugurated his reign by making a par with those of a crazy drunk. He chooses from among his many mistresses journalist Yvette Délali Klussey to be secretary general of the FTF.

Serafin BOUTUREIRA Venezuela

Horace BURRELL Jamaica Banned by FIFA for bribery scandal good friend of Jack Warner T&T Minster of Public safety who just fired the top two policemen in T&T and sent them back to Canada as the were investigating Warner for bribery with FIFA.

Osiris GUZMAN Dominican Republic Banned by FIFA for bribery scandal... why is he at Olympics ?

Dominique MAESTRACCI Canada ( former referee, not well regarded now in CSA even after being president )

Kwesi NYANTAKYI Ghana One of the longest running sagas in association football in Ghana ended on Friday, when the Ghana Football Association (GFA) fully endorsed Kwesi Nyantakyi as its President for the second term. The incumbent head of the football family in this country was the only candidate, following the disqualification of Messrs Vincent Sowah Odoitei and Neil Armstrong-Montague. Gee.. did not Sepp Blatter do the same....

Carlos BATRES Guatemala (Referees Committee) ( Known as Five Card Carlos, refree with penchant for handing out red cards at a 70%rate in international matches )

Gurcharan Dato SINGH Malaysia (Medical Committee)

Husain AL MUSALLAM Kuwait

Special advisor

David LUCKES England (London 2012)

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