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Guest Ed

Sinclair - GODDESS

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Guest Ed

From Sportsnet (pardon the formatting):


Who should win the 2012 Lou Marsh award?

Christine Sinclair

Joey Votto

Milos Raonic

Steven Stamkos

Claude Giroux


See results

Christine Sinclair 72%

Joey Votto 10%

Steven Stamkos 7%

Claude Giroux 7%

Milos Raonic 3%

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I thought of creating a thread for Christine Sinclair breaking the all time goals record yesterday. I was trying to decide between calling out the record itself in the title or just putting her name with "Legend" or "GOAT" or something to that effect. But I looked to see if there was a generic thread that already existed, and I loved the title of this one :D

Now some videos and links honouring her amazing accomplishment.


And here is one with reactions. I have a history of hating Abbey Wambach (possibly unfairly, it's hard to tell in sports fandom) but she gave a classy tribute to Sinclair in this, including what appears to be a video produced by/with Abbey just for this occasion? I assume that's Abbey narrating?



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