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CSL 2012--Week 11


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Result of the Friday July 13, 2012 CSL game between

SC Toronto and Niagara United played at Lamport

Stadium in Toronto at 8:00pm.

14 min...SCT Jarek Whiteman GOAL...SCT Jonathan Osorio

from 55 yards on left sends in pass to Whiteman at

25 yards on right who chests ball down and shoots

12 yard roller into left corner of net past sliding

goalie John DeLuca.

19 min...SCT Alon Badat GOAL...SCT Jonathan Osorio

sends in high pass to the right for Badat who chests

it down and he takes 15 yard shot into high left

corner of net.

85 min...SCT Kyle Hall GOAL...SCT Brennan McNicoll

rushes on right and rolls centering pass to Hall

in alone to take 15 yard shot that sliding goalie

gets piece of at 6 yards and ball deflects into low

right corner of net.

Final Score:.......SCT Toronto...3......

..Niagara United.....0....

Attendance was about 80 that about doubled by the

end of the game for permit holders waiting for

their game to start. Weather was hot and humid

but it was overcast until it got dark after having

the sun out most of the day.

Both early goals were assisted by Johnathan Osorio

who I hadn't seen before this game. He's stepped

in as their new dead ball specialist. Whiteman

scored at 14 minutes and wears #14. Badat wears #19

and scored at 19 minutes (on an almost identical

play except for shot location. Osorio wore #21 and

at 21 minutes took a 20 yard shot from the right just

over the bar.

Best other non-scoring chances were at 10 minutes

when SCT Dane Roberts took a 22 yard shot up the

middle through a crowd of players that the goalie

fumbled and have roll through his legs but turned

and fell to smother the ball on the goalline.

16 minutes had SCT players work out a short cornerkick

from the left that had Osorio cross into the box and

Whiteman was called offside on 4 yard tap in when

the ball was headed forward for him. 29 minutes had

SCT Hall rush down the middle and pass over to charging

SCT Badat who had a 12 yard chip that the goalie palmed

upward and caught at 8 yards. 33 minutes had Badat

on the left take a 12 yard shot into the short side

mesh of the net.

Niagara took over for the first 15 minutes of the

second half with the subbing in at halftime of

forwards Derek Paterson and Ben N'Goran. Best chance

was at 48 minutes when N'Goran hit the right post

on a 10 yard shot. The Niagara head coach James

McGillivray had to be told to sit back down

on the bench when the fourth official and referee's

assistant summoned referee Jeff Fearnall over to

the sideline. I saw a Niagara player just before

then lying down in the SCT box away from play.

I wonder if the TV cameras caught that or were they

upfield following the action? That wasn't the only

action that had the Niagara coach upset.

Other good scoring chances were at 69 minutes when

SCT McNicoll was given a tap over pass in the middle

and blasted a 15 yard shot over the net. 75 minutes

had SCT Whiteman take a 12 yard blast on the right

that the goalie flew to the right to bat down.

77 minutes had NU N'Goran and Paterson have a pair

of shots blocked in the SCT box by defenders.

The win moved the SCT Toronto record up to 5-1-3

for a share of 2nd place tied with TFC Academy

and Montreal Impact Academy but with one game

less played than those two teams. Niagara's

record falls to 4-4-0 for 11th place but they've

played less than any other team in the league.

The game was the Rogers TV Community Channel's

game of the week and will be broadcast on

Sunday evening at 8:00pm in the City of Toronto.

Rocket Robin


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RE: TFCA match

Omari Morris looked really good last night. Made a lot of nice runs down the right side and also was able to get back in put in a good shift defensively. He had a ball cleared off line by a defender (at 1:10 of the video Juby posted). It is too bad he got subbed off before Toronto brought on the player wearing the number 9 (might have been mario kovacevic?) at the centre forward position. He played much better than Campanella who played the first 60 minutes at CF and didn't factor that much into the game. The number 9 linked up well with the midfielders. He was able to hold up the ball and play in the wingers as well as being handful for the defenders the the penalty area. I was talking to an older gentleman while waiting for the bus after the match and he said the player who was wearing the number 9 was just coming back from an injury.

Tyler Pasher also had another great game at LB and after Morris was the stand out player for me. I saw him play the Philly reserves in May and he didn't look out of place but played more of a defensive game. In this match he looked more dominant going forward.

The two centre backs for Toronto had a good game as well. Nikola Paunic captained the side and was a big and physically strong defender. He did a good job of clearing most of the balls that came in the penalty area. While his partner Duran Lee was tall but much more thinly built and was more of a ball playing CB. A the beginning of the game Lee didn't look to comfortable on the ball and had a few bad touches but as the game progress he grew much more into it and starting playing nice balls into the midfielders.

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my highlight pack will be in the Astro's fan thread this week, also I just wanted to mention that I had heard Milos Djurkovic might soon be transferred to First Vienna FC in the Austrian second division.

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Result of the Sunday July 15, 2012 CSL

game between Toronto Croatia and St Catharines

Roma Wolves played at Centennial Stadium in

Etobicoke at 8:00pm.

54 min...TC Petar Mingon GOAL...TC Tonci Pirija

passes ball from 45 yards down the middle for

Mingon on left who slides 18 yarder under goalie

Nicholas Palazzi to right side of net.

58 min...TC Josip Keran GOAL...TC Tihomir Maletic

takes a cornerkick from right that has Keran jump

and head 3 yarder that goalie traps on ground behind


73 min...TC Tihomir Maletic GOAL...TC Sven Arapovic

passes ball downfield to Maletic who blasts 15 yard

shot on right sliding goalie gets piece of at

5 yards but ball deflects over him into right

side of net.

Final Score:.....Toronto Croatia.......3.......

...St Catharines Roma Wolves.......0......

Attendance was about 120 on this hot evening. The

seats were still wet from a few rainstorms in the

afternoon that played a part in the PDL game

held here earlier.

The first two goals scored by Toronto Croatia within

four minutes broke open the game. Croatia had many

early chances to score and with each miss it looked

like maybe in a day of CSL upsets, Wolves stood a chance.

Wolves have only scored four goals in 11 games so after

those goals a comeback appeared unlikely.

Antonio Ilic earned the shutout for Croatia by making

a few key saves.

Referee Gianni Facchini gave out a few cards and had control

of the game but wasn't popular with TC fans and the Wolves


Best non-scoring chances were at 36 minutes when TC Marin

Vucemilovic Grgic rolls a 25 yard cross from the right that

TC Hayden Fitzwilliams misses connecting on a 7 yard shot

down the middle. 43 minutes had the TC players work

out a short cornerkick from the right that's worked into

box and TC Augustin De Medina shot an 8 yarder wide right

of the post. 46 minutes had TC Tihomir Maletic send in

a cornerkick from the right that Fitzwilliams headed

a 5 arder onto the top of the net. By 48 minutes TC had

been called for two offsides in the half already.

65 minutes had Wolves Scott MacLennan take a 45 yard

freekick that had Calvin Rosario shoot a 7 yard shot off the

right post. 69 minutes found TC Grgic alone on the right

to shoot a 22 yard roller wide left of net. 71 minutes

had Maletic take a cornerkick from the right through the

players in the box and Fitzwilliams miss a 3 yard

header. 77 minutes had Wolves Rosario take a 12 yard shot

in a crowd of players in middle and the flying goalie batted

wide right. Rosario gets to the rebound but crosses

high and wide left of the net.

Toronto Croatia's record improves to 7-1-2. They had

briefly been displaced from first place when TFC

Academy had won earlier in the afternoon but are back

to the lead which they've held since Week 3.

Wolves fall to 1-8-1 and would be in last place except

the North York Astros who won earlier today have

played one more game.

Rocket Robin


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He is on the Academy roster page, go to the teams tab, click on the senior team (meaning the senior academy team) and he'll be there, that link also lists him as currently with TFC academy so I'm guessing he's there till he starts school.

And yes, Josh Janniere is back, I believe he's there to raise his match fitness while he's looking for a bigger club (didn't ask him personally, 2nd hand info).

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