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All-Time XI


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As announced prior to the Canada-USA friendly. I didn't have volume for the pregame ceremony, but I did notice Stalteri was there. Can anyone clear that up for me?

GK - Craig Forrest

CB - Robert Iarusci

CB - Randy Samuel

CB - Jason de Vos

LB - Bruce Wilson

M - Mike Sweeney

M - Atiba Hutchinson

M/F - Dale Mitchell

M/F - Dwayne De Rosario

F - John Catliff

F - Alex Bunbury

Three members from the '86 World Cup team, and three from the 2000 Gold Cup team(I think). Too bad Stalteri couldn't squeeze in there somehow.

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Thought I'd steer this thread and get everyone's own version of the All Time XI.

I'm in my mid 20s so this is going to be biased towards more recent players, but here goes:

GK - Forrest

D - de Vos

D - Samuel

D - Stalteri

D - Watson

M - De Rosario

M - Hutchinson

M - Hooper

M - Sweeney

F - Bunbury

F - Mitchell

Subs - Corrazin, Catliff, Peschisolido, Dasovic, Radzinkski, Yallop

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I question Hutchinson's inclusion, not because he isn't a great player, but because he is still in the middle of his career. Does that mean if this list had been made 3 years ago that Julian De Guzman would have been in there instead? (Not that I hate DeGuzman either, he played great last night from what I saw). It just seems odd to add players that are just entering their prime.

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Have been watching reasonably regularly since 1986.









De Rosario



Subs Hirschfeld, Watson, Brennan, Mitchell, De Guzman, Catliff, Peschisolido

{Edit: should maybe add that Radzinski and De Rosario were included somewhat reluctantly given their attitude issues}

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It's an absolute crime that Lenarduzzi and Stalteri aren't on this list. The problem is that both were listed as defenders with no option to put them anywhere else. Which lets someone like Mike Sweeney in, though he was sort of in the same mold.

I had Forrest, Lenarduzzi, Samuel, DeVos, Wilson; Stalteri, Hutchinson, DeGuzman, DeRosario, Mitchell and Bunbury.

Even though they're still playing, I think Hutchinson and DeGuzman have both done enough to stand ahead of the likes of Gray, Miller and James. DeGuzman was a Gold Cup MVP and played in La Liga. I think they're better players empirically and just on gut feel having watched them play.

Honourable mention to: Kennaway, Whitey McDonald, Crossan, Valentine, Catliff, Radzinski, Peschisolido and Vrablic. Though I understand why Vrablic wasn't even on the ballot.

And on the ladies side, Kara Lang over Silvana Burtini?



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off the top of my head this is who I voted for - but I took into consideration club career and and national career, which maybe wasn't the purpose.

GK - Forrest

DF - Samuel

DF - De Vos

DF - Wilson

DF - Stalteri

MF - Miller

MF - Hutchinson

MF - De Guzman

MF - Brennan

FW - Bunbury

FW - De Rosario

Unfortunately there was no option to change formations or move players b/w positions. Quite a few are better options than Brennan. Radz, Mitchell, or Valentine, to name 3.

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Never is a very adamant statement to make over something like this. Did you watch every game he ever played? He is listed as a defender on wikipedia and also on his old CSA website profile so I don't appear to be alone in not viewing him as having usually been a midfielder:




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