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Canada vs USA Prediction Thread

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Surprised this hasn't been tackled yet.

I'm going with a big 3-1 victory for the boys in err blue?

Occean to kick things off in the 12, followed by relentless US pressure and goal to tie the game in the first half

US comes out strong in second but Canada handles the pressure and on a sublimely taken free kick from DeRo, Canada takes the lead in the 55th. Jackson finishes off the US in the 80th in a goal mouth scramble following a Canadian corner. Wow that was easy bring on CUBA!

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My prediction? No injuries for us :)

Last Postgame US coach Klinsmann quotes

"I think we need to get an edge – more nastier," Klinsmann said.

"Maybe we’re a little bit too naïve. Maybe we don’t want to hurt people. But that’s what you’ve got to do.

“You’ve got to do that at the end of the day. We’ve got to step on their toes more and get them more frustrated and make a case with the referee maybe that’s wrong for us, not only the opponents.

"I don’t know. It’s something you certainly discuss. Something that comes also out of their personalities," he added. "And we have to develop it a little bit and mention it here and there. … But it needs to be developed, certainly. How? I don’t know yet."

May god have mercy on us all

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To tell ya the truth I could care less, but I'll jump on the delirious homer bandwagon and go with 1-0 Canada, Occean with the mark in the first half. Neither side wants to pick up injuries, so neither is going to be going full bore. Heck, I'd be surprised if the States put out a fully starting XI.

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We should remind ourselves that we were only a corrupt Mexican ref away from beating them in the 2007 Gold Cup. Canada 1-1 U$A. It's a "friendly" ...

Will Johnson with a strike late in the final half.

True, but we were definitely out-played that game. In fact, we were a Donovan whiff away from 3-1...

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