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Viewing Parties- Canada vs China PR Wed May 30th

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Canada vs China PR


Wednesday May 30th @ 8pm Atlantic

Time: 7:00PM EST/4:00PM PST

TV Coverage: Sportsnet ONE

The following is a list of gathering places for Voyageurs to view the game (details to be added to this post as they are received).

Calgary -

Edmonton -

Halifax -

Kingston -

Montreal -

Ottawa - Grace O'Malley's (East) 1151 Ogilvie Road confirmed

Quebec City -

Regina -

Saskatoon -

St. John's -

Toronto -

Vancouver -

Victoria -

Winnipeg -

Moncton- au Stade Moncton!

*confirmation requires a Voyageur to call the establishment to confirm that they will be showing the game and that they can accomodate X number of fans.

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Best way to get there using public transport from downtown?

First option:

Take the 95, direction Orleans (Eastbound). Get off at St-Laurent station. Walk up the stairs until you are at surface level. Walk 1 minute east from the shopping mall/bus station to St-Laurent St.

Walk north for another 2 minutes until you get to Ogilvie; turn right on Olgilvie, then walk 5 minutes and you're there.

Second option:

Take the 95, get off at Cyrville station, then walk north. Never used this route.

Either way Google Maps is your friend.

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