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May 20, 2012 PDL--Toronto Lynx vs FC London

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Result of the PDL game of Sunday May 20, 2012 between Toronto Lynx and

FC London played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 4:00pm.

7 min...FCL RED card...Denver Spearman earns a direct ejection from

referee Scott Decker for a studs-up tackle on Lynx Al James injurying

him at Lynx 53 yard line.

25 min...Lynx James Gilvani GOAL...Gilvani blasts a 35 yard shot down

the middle through a crowd of players that dips just under the bar

in the center of the net with goalie Reece Richardson trying

to knock it away.

64 min...FCL Tom Owens GOAL...Owens takes low 20 yard shot from the

right that deflects off possibly two defenders and hops over

sprawling goalie Matthew Silva into center of net.

86 min...FCL Jordan Ayres GOAL...Ayres blasts 20 yard shot down the

middle into the center of the net.

Final Score:.....Toronto Lynx......1.........FC London.......2......

Attendance was about 125 on this hot day with a bright sun in the west

which effected both teams equally as the field aligns north-south.

The Lynx looked good in the first half. They chose not to have their

subs warm up during halftime while FCL did in the hot weather.

The second half was almost completely dominated by FCL at a time

when you'd expect the man disadvantage would be the most pronounced.

The Red card play was unncessary--not giving out the card but why make

a sliding tackle in the middle of the field when the player wasn't

even on a rush? At 21 minutes FCL Tom Owens earned a Yellow card for

a sliding tackle on Lynx Aaron McKenna at the FCL 43 yard line. At

31 minutes we saw FCL Gary Ogilvie take a 55 yard cross from the left

and the Lynx goalie caught the ball wide right of the net and almost

slid out of the box but he kept his arms holding the ball on the ground

inside the box. The FCL goalie in the same minute then almost slid

out of the box stopping a through ball but kept the ball back in the box.

These are the kind of plays you expect to see on field turf after a

rainstorm but it's been dry for a few days.

Best non-scoring chances were at 35 minutes when Lynx Randy Ribero

rushed on the left and crossed from 30 yards that had a charging Lynx

Macca Wilde take a midair shot from 10 yards on right that was blocked

by the goalie tipping it for a cornerkick. 53 minutes had Lynx

Ribero beat a defender to the ball at the left cornerflag and crossed

the ball into the box. Lynx Leigh Veidman had the ball drop

behind the FCL goalie and a defender at 6 yards but he has his shot

was blocked by a defender and the rebound was also stopped and he won

a cornerkick on the right. 59 minutes had FCL Nuno Gorgal cross from

30 yards and an FCL player behind the defence stopped and cut in

a 10 yard shot that the goalie stopped. 75 minutes had FCL Tyler Hemming

rush along the 23 yard line and cut in a shot just wide left of the post.

Unlike the Lady Lynx team which I saw yesterday, this year's male Lynx

team has 12 players on the game roster from last year's squad that

I recognized.

FC London wore all white uniforms with hollow white numbers. It made

them almost impossible to tell apart even with my binoculars so I

couldn't be descriptive on the goals to give out any assists. Maybe

their philosophy is that no player is bigger than the team but this

team is NOT the US Men's Olympic basketball team which dressed like

that years ago for that reason.

This was the fourth home opener in a row with FC London as the opposition.

The Lynx have never beaten them since FCL joined the PDL in 2009.

Their first meeting was the Lynx home opener that year which

resulted in a 1-1 tie. Since then FCL have now won their seven

meetings since.

Tyler Hemming is back for another year playing as a midfielder for FCL.

He played for the 2007 and 2008 editions of the MLS Toronto FC team.

Last year's goalie Jarrett Humphreys is NOT back after a series of

concussions ended his playing career. I read that sad news at

the web site http://www.thecord.ca/articles/49182. I have a picture

of one of the concussions mentioned on my web page at:

http://22066.vws.magma.ca/reports11/11lynx10.htm. He was the

goalie for the first Toronto FC Academy game in 2008.

Next Toronto Lynx game is a schoolday match on Wednesday May 23rd

at 11:00am when they play Hamilton Rage.

Rocket Robin


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