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CSL 2012--Week 2

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Result of Friday May 11, 2012 CSL gamebetween SC Toronto and St Catharines Roma Wolves

played at Lamport Stadium in Toronto at8:00pm.

46 min...SCT Evroy 'Junior' EllisGOAL...W defender Geoff Attard roll pass from right

across face of box meant for W TommyHughes but Ellis sees this and charges in to intercept and

rolls 10 yarder into net.

71 min...SCT Jarek Whiteman GOAL...SCTDane Roberts sends in cornerkick from right and

two SCT players head ball and anothertakes shot that W Geoff Attard saves on the goal line.

Rebound comes out to Whiteman at 5yards on right and he rolls shot into left side of net.

77 min...SCT Jarek Whiteman GOAL...SCTBrennan McNicoll rolls pass forward to Whiteman

on the right and he runs toward middle,dekes W Geoff Attard and rolls 8 yarder under sprawling

goalie Claudio Perri.

78 min...W RED card...Scott MacLennanearns a direct ejection for chop block/flip over of SCT

Jarek Whiteman at SCT 40 yards in frontof W bench. (MacLennan had earned a Yellow card at

69 minutes but on this play refereeMichael Anthony Izzo pulled a Red card for this incident rather

than second Yellow then Red).

80 min...SCT Carlos NogueiraGOAL...Nogueira blasts 28 yards down middle and ball deflects off

defender and pops up and over goaliewho gets hand to it at 5 yards but ball bounces into net.

84 min...SCT Jay Chapman GOAL...Chapmanhas time to freeze defenders and send 12 yard

bender from right around flying goalieand into top left corner of net.

Final Score:......SCToronto.........5..............St Catharines RomaWolves..............0..........

Attendance was about 200 on this seasonopener for both teams. It was a mild evening and the

sun was already setting below the wallsof the stadium so the sun didn't effect either team.

Scott Cliff earned the shutout for SCToronto and had to make a few saves and come out to clear

or smother a few through balls butWolves shooting could have been a lot better.

Both teams could have opened thescoring in the first half. SCT Daniel Fabrizi at 9 minutes was

alone at 10 yards but tapped the ballinstead of blasting it from the right and the ball was cleared.

At 14 minutes W Calvin Rosario receiveda tapped pass after a check on a defender and was in alone

at 25 yards and he rolled a shot from22 yards that the goalie smothered at 8 yards. 35 minutes had

SCT Jarek Whiteman receive a centeringpass at 25 yards and he shot an 18 yarder from the right

beyond the diving goalie but wide rightof the post. 38 minutes had SCT Sergio DeLuca take an

18 yard freekick from the right that aleaping SCT Charles Trafford over a crowd of players

headed off the top of the bar from 6yards. The SCT goalie dived at 43 minutes to beat W Ross

Campbell to a through ball at 8 yards.

I was thinking that SCT defender(although listed as a midfielder) Ilya Orlov was the weak leak on

defence for some mistakes in the firsthalf but he made a key stop by chesting down a Wolves pass

on a 2 on 1 rush breaking up the playat 12 yards at 63 minutes when the score was only 1-0.

Referee Michael Anthony Izzo gave outtwo Yellow cards each (besides that Red card) and all in

the second half to keep the game undercontrol.

Wolves have only five first teamplayers returning from last year's team that finished 12thout of

14 teams with only five wins. ManagerArmand Di Fruscio said they have four players moved

up from their Reserves team and four orfive from the Hamilton area including some from

Hamilton Croatia.

SC Toronto have added Evroy JuniorEllis who last year played for Capital City FC (who did not

return to the CSL this year) and JayChapman who last year played with the TFC Academy and

is now 18. Coach this year is PatriceGheisar. Last year Carmine Isacco coached the team but split

time between them and coaching York University (often on the same day) butthis year his role

is more of a technical director. Not listed as ateam official tonight was Marco Reda who is

an assistant coach. Heplayed soccer for Toronto Lynx for five years, then European teams,then

Toronto FC, then USL teams Charleston Battery and VancouverWhitecaps until 2009, then he told

me he got directly into coaching.

This game was 'recorded' by RogersCommunity Channel for rebroadcast in the Toronto area at

8:00pm on Sunday evening.

Lamport Stadium has improved theirlighting and I have no complaints about the darkness this season.

Improvements can be made as there wereno corner flags for tonight's game.

Rocket Robin


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Friday, May 11

There were three games in the CSL tonight:


Mississauga Eagles FC 5, North York Astros 1

SC Toronto 5, St. Catharines Wolves 0 To be televised on Rogers TV in Toronto on Sunday, May 13th at 8 pm

Serbian White Eagles 2, London City 2


First Division

Sat, May 12 Invista Centre 7 pm Kingston FC vs. York Region Shooters

Sat, May 12 Windsor Stadium 7:15 pm Windsor Stars vs. Brampton City Utd This game will be streamed online live at this link: intensemedia.tv to be followed by highlight reels

Sun, May 13 CS St Jean De Vianney 2 pm Montreal Impact Academy vs. York Region Shooters

Sun, May 13 Centennial Stadium 8 pm Toronto Croatia vs. Brantford Galaxy


Would someone please try to see if that Windsor game is streamed at that site? I won't be home to

see how that turns out.

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FYI, I'll be (trying) to live tweet the Kingston FC v York Region Shooters game this evening (@sulfur_chesh). I've been told that I can get a copy of the rosters in order to get the names somewhat vaguely correct :)

I'll be using the hashtag #KFCYRS for the game.

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The SC Toronto St Catherine game is starting to get good on TV, it was a little slow the first twenty minutes but SC Toronto are starting to put some good plays together.

St Catherines have been pretty poor offensively to start, decent defence, to be fair though Toronto looked bad offensively for a bit too but it all came together for them around the 20th, 25th minutes.

edit: One nil, SCT, Ellis potted one away I believe after an error.

btw the announcers have been talking about the national team and the Vee's specifically for the last few minutes.

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Grrrrr, I looked away from the game for like 5 minutes, that John Kelly thread distracted me (I think I need context because it just sounds bizarre and sad) and SC Toronto SCORED THREE GOALS.

four goals, I caught that one, a decent spot turn to lobbishly put it past.

5-0, 85th minutes. SC Toronto is out the gate strong. Anyone see the trio of goals I missed?

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Grrrrr, I looked away from the game for like 5 minutes, that John Kelly thread distracted me (I think I need context because it just sounds bizarre and sad) and SC Toronto SCORED THREE GOALS.

four goals, I caught that one, a decent spot turn to lobbishly put it past.

5-0, 85th minutes. SC Toronto is out the gate strong. Anyone see the trio of goals I missed?

And I was worried that people would complain that I didn't have 'R' in my header. Juby you should have used my game report

as a guide to spot when the goals would happen....hmm I have just enough time to get something from the fridge and be back in time

for that second goal.

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Result of the Sunday May 13, 2012 CSLgame between Toronto Croatia and Brantford Galaxy

played at Centennial Stadium inEtobicoke at 8:00pm.

10 min...Galaxy Dave SimpsonGOAL...Simpson rolls 15 yard shot up middle beyond diving goalie

Panagiotis Koumoulas at 2 yards andinto left corner of net. Simpson and Damion Scott had

worked up a pass in the box.

19 min...TC Bozenko Lesina GOAL...TCTonci Pirija sends a pass through the middle from 40

yards that finds Lesina and he chips 15yard shot from left over the sprawling goalie Melford

James Jr at 8 yards and into the rightcorner of the net.

32 min...Galaxy YELLOW card...NikoasJelicic earns it for pulling down TC Bozenko Lesina just

inside the box when TC Tihomir Maleticfed him a box into the middle. Referee David Barrie

also awarded TC a Penalty kick. GalaxyAdam Leggett then earned a Yellow card for mouthing

off to the referee.

34 min...TC Tihomir MaleticGOAL...Maletic takes the Penalty kick to the low right corner of thenet

as the goalie dived to the left.

46 min...TC Bozenko Lesina GOAL...TCMarin Vucemilovic Grgic on a run on the right passes

a cross from 30 yards to Lesina at 10yards on left and his sharp angle shot from 8 yards is into

the right side of the net.

79 min...TC Marin Vucemilovic GrgicGOAL...TC Hayden Fitzwilliams at 40 yards sends

in a pass from the left and VucemilovicGrgic blasts a low 18 yarder from the right into the

left corner of the net.

Final Score:......TorontoCroatia.......4..............Br antfordGalaxy.............1............

Attendance was about 150 for thisseason opener for Toronto Croatia on this mild night with the

temperature cooling rapidly after thesun set. This is a good mid-season crowd but must be a

disappointment for a season opener forthe defending league championships. Doesn't Mother's

Day end after dinner time? Maybecasual fans stayed home to watch the telecast of Friday night's

SC Toronto vs St Catharines Roma Wolvesgame.

Galaxy have opened up their season at0-2. They fielded two players from last year's Toronto Croatia

team—midfielders Christopher Leko andBraeden Krampert. They also played forward Dave Simpson

who played for Mississauga Eagles lastseason as did fellow forward Damion Scott and goalie

Melford James Jr. As I heard tonight,Galaxy's Eastern European players were not invited back

to this year's team and five of themare now playing for London City this season.

Toronto Croatia got to defend the'dark' side for the second half tonight (although it made only

a marginal difference). This wasbecause an entire bank of lights in the north end weren't working.

From what I heard about Friday night'sgame held here between Serbian White Eagles and London

City, the PA system wasn't working butwe didn't have that trouble tonight.

The game wasn't rough but both teamshad trouble stringing more than a few passes together.

Referee David Barrie only gave out oneYellow card to each team.

Best non-scoring chances were 17minutes when BG Logan Alexander in crowd of players took a

low 12 yard shot wide left of the post. At 29 minutes TC Tonci Pirija took a 22 yard blast up the

middle through a crowd of players thatthe flying goalie batted wide right of the net. Within the same

minute TC Ainsley Deer crossed from 25yards on the left that had TC Hayden Fitzwilliams flick

a header from 12 yards down the middlethat the goalie caught. 53 minutes had TC Tihomir

Maletic bashed through two defendersfor a 12 yard shot that was blocked by the goalie. 69 minutes

had TC Bozenko Lesina after a run upthe right send in a low cross from 22 yards and a defender

popped up the ball with his foot and TCBoris Tomac flicked a 5 yard header from the right into the

outside mesh of the net. At 72 minutes TCLesina sent in a low cross from the right though the BG box.

TC Maletic had a point blank shot from8 yards that was stopped by the sprawling goalie who made

the save while on the ground, The balldeflected off Lesina at 5 yards and over the end line on the

right before he could make a play. At91 minutes TC Vucemilovic Grgic's cornerkick from the left

had TC Fitzwilliams head the ball overthe bar from 5 yards.

Galaxy also have a player named'Maletic'--defender Zoran Maletic (no relation).

Toronto Croatia's next home game isnext Sunday at 8:00pm against Brampton City United.

Rocket Robin


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