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I see rick titus is part of the u13/u12 TFC Academy, the pro club! he is also named at head coach of a team in the SAAC league u12 division, he is also north mississauga sc U14 oysl head coach and on the board of directors of that club, surely this is a huge conflict of interest and how would a pro club permit the coach of the u13/12 also coach a team in the SAAC league, very confusing.

Atletico Toronto

Junior Development B

Head Coach: Rick Titus

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Thanks for starting this thread. It's great that TFC have not only gone down to the U15 level this year, but started a U13 AND U12 team!


Though i think they'd be better served to have more than 30+ players at each of those age groups. The best 12 and 13 yr old players now probably won't be when they're 17-18. They need atleast 50-60 kids to start with, maybe start a TFC Academy League at those ages and get the top 100 kids in the GTA involved. It would piss off alot of clubs, but whatever.

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