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Panama Banners/Chants


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Felipe Baloy, Santos Laguna defender and the captain of the Panamanian National Team recently posed for a photo at an airport with a young boy. However, look in the bag to see his recent purchase. Surely we can get some good chants or banners out of this.


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Alas, I won't be there, but please start a Voyageur tradition of counting whenever the keeper has the ball.

+1 this would be hilarious, and may actually work to our advantage getting the opposing keeper to speed up their delivery a little.

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I like both the felipe baloy and countdown cheer. fantastic ideas guys.

For my own input i have lots of ideas but these two are the easiest and takes almost zero brain usage.1) A simple cheer to offer with no words, just choir sounds. I'm sure you've used it before but if we can all do this together, the whole south end(or in my dreams the whole stadium) right before the opening kick off so the players hear it just before play starts. Right before. That is the perfect time to do this or after a goal obviously. No words and it sounds awesome.

This is the only video i could find as an example so i'm sorry for its length but its at 0:48 and at 1:46. Its just so damn easy and looks amazing if everyone is jumping.

And this one. Not the words, just the movement I'm talking about(even though it sounds really good i think). We can sing anything to that movement and it would look badass. Of course everyone would have to take part in the swaying to have full effect. But it shouldnt be that hard to convince aka force the people beside you to sway.

Sorry i don't know how to put on links properly so copy and past away. Feel free to criticize

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I'll post a song sheet, just wanna clarify what we want to put on it. I printed off a whole bunch last time and someone else did too, so we should Triage what songs we will use. But we'll look for one by the weekend.

- maple leaf forever

I always post this, and always hope we try to pull it off, maybe this will be the time.

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Seeing as the CanWNT is being honoured and in attendance, maybe singing their victory song "power of love" when they're recognized

I've modified the lyrics to be something we can sing to them:

'Cause you are our ladies

And I am your man

Whenever you reach for me

I'll do all that I can

We're heading for something

Somewhere I've never been

Sometimes I am frightened

But I'm ready to learn

Of the power of love

The full song with lyrics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BHoj8uFdr8 - start at 2:15 for the part we should sing

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Alas, I won't be there, but please start a Voyageur tradition of counting whenever the keeper has the ball.

Ok, so now to work out the logistics of this.

So, I'm not super familiar with the six second rule, but we should start counting when the keeper is both holding on to the ball and standing correct?

Second thing, how do we want to count? This might sound like a ridiculous question but we want each number to last about one second. So we could count 1-1000, 2-1000, 3-1000 or 1-Mississauga, 2-Mississauga or 1-second, 2-seconds..etc but we want to make this memorable, any suggestions?


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