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Olympic Qualifying - Canada vs. Mexico March 31st, 2012 GAME THREAD [R]


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Not a whole lot to say but the following;

-Canada fielding guys who go to and play for Boston College or no club. Mexico fielding guys who play(ed) in the Copa America.

-Genuine question: Is the black jersey constantly being worn about shirt sales or has the Mexican Fed Futbol actually changed their national kit colours? I know they still have the green/white/red but they seem to never wear it at any level.

-Miscz really pooched it on that first goal with backing up initially....oops. Fresenga in swatting at flies on the 2nd goal....oops.

-Davies MUST be getting pro offers - especially if the Attakora statements are true from his agent about N.A. getting offers in MLS and abroad. Davies with 3 assists, and what beautiful work 1v1 on the Haber goal. Wonderful stuff.

-Who wants to start a pool in how long before Piette is out of Metz and playing full-time pro? Or he turns 18 and gets moved into the Metz first team...?

-Pietta>Alderson? I have no clue.

-Bekker>Saiko? Really? Bekker has done very well but that's surprising. Or is Saiko just too offensively bent for such a match/opponent?

Good half guys! Working really hard against a very very good team. If Mexico does in fact win this game, they must certainly be a medal favourite in London. Especially when they add a guy like Chicharito up top.

Down 0-1 and I am pleased b/c what was supposed to happen did and I could lean back, relax and enjoy the game. 1-1 and my blood pressure goes way up - and that ain't good for a guy with already high blood pressure! My vocal chords didn't appreciate the shouting either! 1-2 and again I can relax. Make a tea, lean back and enjoy.

C'mon you reds! I'd take having to find various ways to lower the blood pressure in a heart beat if you guys can make it to London!!!

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This Mexico team is very good, and well organized. Our guys are giving it a go, but they are in tough our midfield 3 are running around with their heads spinning because the Mexicans movement and ball distribution is very quick and precise. We are going to have to probably make some tactical adjustments (not sure what they are lol) and hope to get some free kicks and corners since we are a good deal better in the air.

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