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March 2 Waiver Draft


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For people who need some background like I did:


Players waived YESTERDAY will be a part of TODAY's Draft at 3 p.m. ET. Clubs that select a player who is not currently under contract during the Waiver Draft will be required to offer that player a contract. Clubs may not claim the right of first refusal for a player through waivers.

Players eligible for the Waiver Draft do include:

· Players whose clubs have not exercised their 2012 contract options

· Players who have not been signed to a new contract

· Players whose clubs do not plan on signing them to a new contract

The Waiver Draft order is determined via points per game once all teams have played at least three MLS League games. If the waiver takes place prior to all teams playing in at least three League games, priority shall be granted based upon the prior year’s performance, taking playoff performance first, with teams eliminated from playoff contention at the same stage separated according to their point totals through the end of the regular season. New expansion teams shall be at the bottom of the waiver order.

So the draft order without Montreal at the top (I think):

1. Vancouver

2. New England

3. Toronto

4. Chivas

5. San Jose

6. DC

7. Portland


My question is can you renegotiate a contract after a player has been waived. I don't believe so but if you could the Whitecaps might be waiving and selecting to do just that. But that sounds iffy

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