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Players rating vs armenia [R]


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I ve seen the whole game in France,,,,and it was a good exercise for the canucks while canada played a friendly the armenians played with more intensitiy and like in a competitive game for a Q ....good choice by the CSA ARMENIA is growing in confidence and it is a tricky team to face specially at home ..

ONE QUESTION WAS AN ARTIFICIAL TURF ? The pitch looked like frozen out !! the penalty it wasnt but he gave his position so easily terrible game by kuklowski, number 10 and number 9 ...plus hutchison was at fault in the second goal his mistake took to a one on one chance and the following corenr was the result of a goal well taken ...

brights i like the greek keeper number 22 showed personality and he saved 3 or 4 chances

number 19 played well as a rb i like number 2 in midfield ......

borjan 6

straith 5

mc kenna 7

edgar 6

kuklowski 3

de guzman 6

hutchinso 4

ledgerwood 6

simpson 6

jackson 3

ricketts 3 lost every ball...is nothing but an impact player for me ...lost his confidence in 2 nd half

stamatopulos 7

attakora 6

hume 6

haber less than 10 minutes \


best regards

Javier Franzois

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straith 4.5

mckenna 5.5

edgar 4.5

klukowski 4.5

ledgerwood 5

de guzman 5.5

hutchinson 5.5

simpson 5.5

jackson 5

attakora 5.5

hume 5

ricketts 6

bojan 5

stama 6

plus points :

is that CANADA has good keeper.... for me between stama / hirschfeld for starting , numer 2 legerwood good at defensive midfielder......i liked his tacke by the end...well won yellow but that is personality... i like his attitude....im liked numerb 19 as rb very solid and offer support in attack... fast and mobile...i like him ///...

bad points canada showed no creative..., and was torn apart in the midfield because this 4-3-3 that HART played needs to work together to avoid long yards among player

kuklowski played really bad , slow,,,lost concentration....the penalty was not ....but he was taken position to easily,,and then the armenia fell down like a stage actor.....

it was a good exercise the armenians play like crooks ...dirty game ...always putting pressure to the REF and try to pretend to fall down every time to win free kicks......

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Borjan 5

Straith 5

McKenna 7


Kluk 3

De Guzman 5


Ledgerwood 5

Rick 4

Jackson 5

Simpson 5

Stamp 7

Attakora 5

Haber na

Hume 5

Not immpresed with hart at all. Poor gold cup performance and Let's be honest the u 17 team could have beaten st kits stLucia

and puerto Rico. Who they tied. At this rate they are not getting out of the next round unless we get a half decent coach

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