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Robert Andrade Silva - Canada???

Canuck Oranje

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I am posting this in the international section because I somehow can't believe this is correct. Nevertheless there are some circumstances that leaves with more questions than answers.

Roberto Andrade Silva was a Brazilian national team player at the U20 level. He actually played for Brazil at the U20 World Championship in Canada in 2007 (capped 13 times according to Transfermarkt). Since he has bounced around from club to club in Brazil mostly in reserve sides of Serie A teams. However, from 2010 to 2011, he played for a team that I follow very closely (Gremio Prudente in 2010 & now Gremio Barueri from 2011 on). This morning I was submitting a correction to a website I follow regarding Roberto Andrade Silva found myself shocked to see that he was listed with a Canada connection.


My first reaction still is that this has to be an error. However, there some things that leave questions.

First, Roberto had an knee injury in 2011 and did not play at all in 2011. His contract was until the end of 2012. The odd thing was that he was released from his contract on Nov 17, 2011 and that would normally be done only if he had somewhere to go.

Some might think that his rehabilitation may not have been completely successful. Two things suggest that this wasn't the case. One, his profile began to appear on Gremio Barueri's website half way through the 2011 season which would suggest that he was available or soon to be available to play. Second, if he hadn't recovered, there was no reason to release him from his contract when it was going to end in December anyway.

Another thing is that Roberto Andrade Silva is nowhere to be found in Brazilian domestic soccer. My search began with trying to figure out where he was so I could tell the website (Sambafoot) at the same time as telling them that he was no longer at Gremio Barueri. The only conclusion I can come with is that he has transferred out of Brazil. He is at a high enough quality that surely someone would want him somewhere.

It was at this point that I went to the Transfermarkt website(usually reliable but not always). I was shocked to discover that they had him listed as still unemployed but now with a Canada flag (in addition to a Brazilian flag) under nationality. That was added within the last three months.

There is more sleuthing needed here. I still believe it is a mistake. However, it may also be possible that he is being considered at certain MLS sides.

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Agreed. Admittedly, i dont know much about the player but this is the kind of talent that the CSA should be out there looking for and trying to woo. Yes, i would have posted this news in the national team forum. If there is downside, it is that he lists himself as D-mid. Would preferred a more attacking oriented position player since that presents a greater need.

I dont think that this is one of Hart's mystery men because i think Hart was specifically referring to the "reluctant to commit" players or the ones that initially demonstarted an interest in playing for other national sides.

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His zerozero profile says he's with Volta Redonda playing in the Carioca tournament at the moment:


However, their website says otherwise:


This article from 2006 talks about his experience with the U17's and also mentions his family life, of note that he doesn't want to talk about his father because he has "done nothing for me" - possibly that could be his Canadian connection?


Another article; this one states that he "started his career in Portugal" and presumably moved back to Brasil in 2000 as a 12 yr old.


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