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Csl to select two all star teams for upcoming season

Rocket Robin

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January 20th, 2012


The CSL intends to resurrect its All Star team and will be seeking opposition from visiting foreign teams for the upcoming 2012 season. The league is considering fielding two teams and if suitable opposition can be arranged, there will be a senior team of the CSL’s best and also a team of U-19s, with the annual Dallas Cup under consideration.

The CSL All Stars has a history of taking on the big boys in world club soccer and while the team has been short on results, the games have been competitive and exciting over the years. Here, we recap several games played during the last decade, or so.

rest of the story (link) recaps the teams they played and results and lineups.


I wonder who they'll play?

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For Immediate Release

CSL to showcase U-19s

TORONTO – Tuesday, January 31 - The CSL is holding a Showcase Event on Friday, March 2 for U-19 players and it is expected the games will be attended by more than 20 coaches from Canada and the United States.

There will be 12 teams taking part in the showcase, to be held at the Hershey SportZone Centre in Mississauga, Ontario and each team will play twice in the one-day event.

Showcase events are becoming increasingly popular in soccer and are sought by high level coaches with busy schedules. Seeing many promising players at the same location in one day is considered a highly productive way to scout and such events usually attract coaches who have the authority to recruit if they like what they see.

Phil Ionadi, a CSL All Star who played professionally in North America with Montreal Impact and the Toronto Lynx and who excelled as a midfielder playing at Belhaven University in Jackson, Mississippi, is overseeing the CSL event.

“Our aim is to guide these young talented players in soccer and on the right path to life. The CSL Showcase Event will provide an opportunity to be seen by university and college coaches from Canada and the United States. There is an opportunity to be awarded a scholarship leading to a degree while still playing high level soccer,” said Ionadi.

Ionadi believes that North America is developing a stronger professional soccer environment from the CSL to the NASL to MLS and a clear pathway is being created at home for talented young players to succeed.

Enquiries about the March 2 CSL Showcase Event can be made by calling the CSL office at 905 564-2297.

Canadian Soccer League

5610 Explorer Drive, Unit 1

Mississauga, Ontario L4W 4T7

Tel: 905 564-2297 Toll Free 1 888 216-9913 Fax: 905 671-6450

csl@canadiansoccerleague.ca www.canadiansoccerleague.ca

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The March 2nd event is this a CSA/OSA sanctioned showcase? curious as to why it is U19 and not U18 as that would be the age most coaches in the US would be looking for players. Is it U19 because that does not fall under "youth" what about insurance for this event? I am asking these questions as I have a team that would be interested in participating.

Will there be a list published on the CSL website of the coaches planning on attending, this is very important to inform players and parents competing in events like this.

What is the cost to participate in the showcase?

Can sanctioned youth club teams enter playing under their club name?

The Dallas Cup is U18 at the oldest age division, will the CSL have a permission to travel permit and insurance for this event?

I feel the CSL should be advertising this event with full details on their website.

Dobar Dan

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The March 2nd Event is a CAF showcase, which is a private league sanctioned by the OSA under the private league rules. http://22066.vws.magma.ca/reports11/11csl017.htm

We are still looking for teams. I can email you costs and details. Yes, youth club teams can participate.

I am in charge of the admin for the York Shooters.

email me at akovacevic@yorkregionshooters.com

Sve najbolje dobar dan!!

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