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Jarju released?

Sam Brown

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Peter Schaad @PeteSchaad 15m · Details

@WhitecapsFC forward pool: Hassli, Harris, Camilo, Tan, Salgado, Mattocks, Barbara.

Hosea Cheung @hosea24hours 17m · Details

@PeteSchaad No Jarju in that group eh ;)

Peter Schaad @PeteSchaad Close

@hosea24hours Nope.

For those who dont' know: Peter Schaad is the radio voice of the Vancouver Whitecaps and works within the organization

Let the speculation begin!

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Or is he just implying that Jarju will be playing MF like some had suggested.

I'd love it if they did waive him, but did we give him enough of a chance, and who's gonna bite the bullet for this mistake in the FO?

I still doubt Barbara will get signed after reading his comments about the MLS and Montreal


"The problem is in the rules. America has everything that any other country in any other sport should envy. You have facilities and everything in your favor and then you have rules like that. Montreal made me a bad offer.

Look, I’ve scored 20 goals and had 9 assists and I won the best player of the league. And for what? For nothing in America. Because I’m stuck with Montreal and they don’t want to pay good money. From what I understand, they are just holding my rights to try to get the best offer from somebody else. How can Montreal own my rights without even talking to me or paying me anything? If they don’t want me they should just release me but obviously they want money for me. But who gives the right for that club to own me? That happens only in America. To own me without even talking to me or paying any money to me?"

From the looks of it, if we want any chance of bringing in Barbara we would need to release Jarju for the cap space.

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Rennie used Jarju in MF in the pre-offseason games. I suspect he'll play CM/AM this year as he does internationally.

I think he should be given another half-season.

With his numbers on FM we can only hope he plays at half that level for the Whitecaps. I was able to sell him to St.Etienne for half a million pounds after one season.. But, hopefully Rennie can get the best out of him in midfield and if not cut him fast.

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Hmmm, I am sitting back right now and wallowing in warm self-righteous "I told you so" feelings. Yes I am looking at you Rich, Kotton, dyslexic and never walking alone guys! ;)

Not a quite a Grizzly but the best I could do:


I'm glad the drama is over, mainly because I couldn't stand to read one more post on the SS board on the topic. Still, I believe Jarju is a much better player he was ever able to show. The club should definitely be criticized, but I would say more for trying to sell him as a forward. We never needed another forward and if this guy was destined to flop, I'd rather have seen him do so playing 10-15 full matches in the midfield as opposed to 450 minutes subbing out the likes of Hassli. Then again, Rennie still needs a CM, and he clearly didn't think much of him either.

I still think looking to Africa, second-tier Europe, and South America for a younger DP is the way to go in a market where you don't need to sell the game. It didn't work out this time, but que sera sera as they say in Montreal. He's gone and we can all move on.

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Jarju has been released.

“I have a specific idea of how I want to play and Jarju doesn’t fit into that plan” Martin Rennie.

I'm glad that being out of shape and useless doesn't fit into the plan. The only odd thing about Jarju's release is why it took so long. Even people who can't judge talent very well could see that Jarju was useless.

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