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There's nothing telling here, it's the fact that we are not yet organized enough to try something difficult and we don't wanna **** up the start of a game butchering a song in an important WCQ game. Had we played it at the bar before the match this time, maybe. But that wasn't in the cards for the Honduras game. I will bump this thread all summer and stay in peoples ear to get this (or something similar) started. You're more than welcome to fight me the whole way :)

To your first point, it is well known, you keep arguing that but just because you don't know it doesn't mean it's not well known. Secondly, there is no song we could do without practice. What ever "long form" song we do, we will need substantial practice and many people to make an effort.

The struggle is not the song, the struggle will be the education. 4-5 verses of anything isn't easy unless its the macarena, and even then...

lol I get it. I was simply thinking that a song that well known...people should ALREADY know the verses. But then...ask any American to follow this line "Oh, beautiful, for spacious skies..." (another almost anthem) with the next line and I bet more than half get it wrong. So to that end, I see your point on why it would need education. Hell I've seen Canadians get the ACTUAL anthem wrong. Makes me wish I wasn't in Alberta so I could at least TRY some of these chants/songs with you guys :(

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