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Achtung Poppy!

alberta white

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In a rear breakout of commonsense FIFA have come to an understanding with the FA and the FAW regarding Poppies.

Saturdays freindly games in the UK; England v Spain and Wales v Norway fall between the Eleventh of November and Rememberance Sunday (The Scots are not playing at home this weekend. )*

This is the first time such a schedule issue has occured, and with the recent EPL Football League initative to display the Poppy on team shirts throughout November, The FA and FAW asked for a similar dispensation for the international fixtures.

FIFA declined the request at least twice as it files against FIFA principles of Neutrality, which prohibits all signs born out of political, religious and commercial intrest.

The Brits argued that he Poppy at this one time identifies as something else (although exactly what, is hard to define- a bit of all of the above but perhaps something more).

Letters of request even from the Duke of Cambridge seemed to be to no avail until at about 17:32 GMT. It was anounced that the Poppy may be displayed upon a black Armband.

Rumor has it that the Brokers of this common sense soution may actualy have been the Germans!

If someone Knows Ms A Morrisette Please explain to her that this is a definition of Irony. Rain on yer wedding day is just bad luck. Unless of course you marrying the Girl who does the CBC forecast....and she said it was going to be sunny

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I would think that's more about merchandising than anything.

We've seen hockey teams wear Pink jerseys and football teams in pink helmets for Oct Cancer month.

Every CHL has their Remembrance Day games and DND nights.

I think UEFA and FIFA are more concerned about merchandising in the same way the OLY commitee wouldn't allow HC jersey's at the Van City games

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^ thats an opinion I do not entirely disagree with. I can vagely recall that the Eire had Opal (a European GM brand) sponsor their shirts in the 1980's or 1990's. But that may have been before the edict was tabled. I have also see shirts with EIRECOM but agin these may be similar to the English Nationwide Sponsored "Training kits"

FIFA does at times act like the ultimate franchaise League.

still the neutrality point has its merits if you consider WCQ grouping which have the likes of North and South Korea playing each other.

Still the Idea of the Armband may have been a classic stumble upon, as it will now allow FIFA flexibility upon its own ruling.

It allows FIFA a special dispensation Like this weekend, without cancelling out the shirts neutrality. Say for Example the USA were scheduled to play over the Memorial weekend, then they could do similar. RSA could do the same when Mandela days is enacted (although I'm not wishing his passing!)

Not that it would be worn all the time mind you. It should have significance for the day of the game.

England Played Brasil on Nov14 2009 the poppy on that day was not an issue, because although it was a november game it was after the event.

Intrestingly the Poppy was first adopted by the USA (of all places) as a symbol of military rememberance. It seems not to hold that status anymore though. A college of mine from Utah (who is old enough to be disqualified from the Vietnam war draft) was in town last November and had to ask why people were wearing it.

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My question would be that who'd get the sell on rights of the poppy jerseys? The FA the FAW? Or FIFA?

The IIHF and the OLY clearly decided that Hockey Canada would not get the sell on rights of HC jerseys and had to come up with a different logo.

Who gets the revenue of merchandise sales for FIFA events?

If every nation can come up with special kits who benefits in revenue? The national FA or FIFA?

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Guest Brethers

Poppy is the universal rememberance symbol for everyone, it's silly to reject any country the chance to remember the dead of not only their country but all the people who died during WW1 and 2. Its not a **** you to Germany or anyone, as they had soldiers who died in those fields too. As I stated earlier it's remembering everyone who died. Also, they would only make the kit for that one game and then I would assume they would have been auctioned off and money given to help for heroes or a similar charity

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Poppy is the universal rememberance symbol for everyone...
Actually no it isn't.

I proudly wear a poppy and was at the Victoria Cenotaph with several thousand others at 11:00 on 11/11/11. The poppy is a symbol of the Commonwealth and some other European nations but it is by no means a universal symbol.

I love that the teams in the UK got to have a poppy on their jersey for the day but I would rather see nothing than allow other such symbols from around the world. The armband was a brilliant compromise so just let it go.

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^ This is sometimes the Issue. To the Spaniards the Poppy was irrelevant. they were non-combatant in both 1914-1918 and 1939-1945. The Poppy to them is irrelevant,as it is to most of South America.

The Spanish did however wear black armbands, which apeared to greated warmly, by the Wembly crowd. As did the winning goal, which according to Scottish 1967 rules, makes England the Current World and European champions ;)

I watched an A-League game of Fox Sportsworld and also noted that a minutes silence was observed in the presence of half a dozen "Diggers".

To those unfamiliar with Australian/ New Zealand Society, ANZAC day on April 26th carries the most cultural significance for the Two Nations war legacy. However Nov 11th is still afforded due deffrence.

The English Players had Poppies embroidered onto their boots, which are to be auctioned off for charity.

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All former Soviet Bloc countries want to wear a special jersey commemorating something. Vietnam the day the US troops left. China the end of Japanese occupation.

Former African/Caribbean/South American/Asian colonies the end of Euro colonialism.

Who's to say?

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Which Is why I think the Armband solution was a perfect compromise.

If any team is scheduled to play a game within the week of a culturaly significant day such as an independence day, and If it presents no animosity towards another nation, then the Armband provides a perfect token.

One which I would not have a problem with.

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