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DERO for the win!

dyslexic nam

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I don't know if this has been pointed out elsewhere on the forum, but I just wanted to 'give props' to DeRo for winning the MLS 2011 Golden Boot.

Regardless of how people feel about the circumstances surrounding his departure from TFC, he has been a dedicated and loyal part of the Nats, a promoter of Canadian soccer, and always leaves it all on the field.

He clearly still has a lot to give for club and country. Despite playing for three different teams, he has outscored guys like Henry, Donovan, Montero, etc.

I have never been been a fan of his... unique goal celebration, but I think DeRo has earned the right to chicken-dance his ass off.

Way to go DeRo.

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Not only the goals but look at the assists! 12 assists to go along with the 16 goals. I know MLS counts assists in a screwy fashion but everyone is measured the same way so that is still a great indicator of his productivity.

Not bad for an old geezer! Way to go Dero.

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