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Where is the movement!?!?!??!?!


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Seriously, it seems like any time we need a GOAL, the attackers line up at the top of the 18 yard box and then - NOTHING. They just stay rooted to the ground, not moving an inch!!!!!! WHAT THE ****!?!?! WOULD IT KILL YOU TO SWITCH POSITIONS WITH ANOTHER ATTACKER??? run around just dont stay in the same place, just run accross the top of the box switching with your other attacker!!!!! its not so hard!!

every game!!!!! :mad:

Any team can defend against this type of "strategy"!!!! you see!!!! why do they do this!?!?!?!:mad::mad::mad:

Im very very angry, can you seee!?!?!! look at all these exclamation marks.

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I think that's half the battle and the rest is pretty basic as well.

If your defender stands 10 yards off you to play a pass, take some space and dribble the ball into space. Our players were too passive and don't read the game well.

On top of that they move the ball around like children. Should be thinking about where your going to move the ball before you get it ... too many slow, needless, touches (especially by the backline) who have to play with more urgency or they are going to be pressed right out of the game when we face better teams.

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