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Canada vs. Puerto Rico Player Ratings (R)


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Hirschfeld - 6 Not much to do but when called upon got the job done

Edgar - 7.5 Best Canadian player I thought, quick and decisive, has a nice touch for a big man, put in a decent cross, good on him for playing out of position I think he has the RB spot for next match. May have been beaten once but a good all around performance. Nicely taken free kick as well.

Hainault - 6.5 Solid, made one nice play charging back that he put out for a corner

McKenna - 6.5 Dominated in the air tonight

Klukowski - 6 Looked to be carrying a little knock (or he was tired?) would have liked to have seen more offensively but he was okay

Dunfield - 5 I don't understand why he is in the starting lineup, for a player who can only live by playing simple/mistake free he failed at times.

De Guzman - 5 Thought he was awful tonight. From his lofted through balls to no one, to his 25 yard field goals, unbelievable giveaways and he seemed to not be going 100% into all of his challenges.

Johnson - 6.5 hard working and solid throughout, best of the midfield three without a doubt in the second half. I think he has earned a starting spot by now.

De Rosario - 5 Slow and poor decision making, for a man that loves to smack the ball we didn't see any of it tonight as he was invisible at times. I didn't understand his decision at the end to not cross the ball and instead take it out wide and pass back.. also he had a great chance to play in Ricketts alone near the end and he gave it RIGHT to the defender, unbelievable. Awful corner kicks.

Simpson - 6.5 solid game he fought through a lot of challenges, doesn't get intimidated at all. I still would have liked to have seen a few explosive runs.

Hume - 6.5 happy he got the goal, well taken finish ABOUT TIME someone's taken one! Again he fought through a lot of rough play but sometimes I just wished he would go down as the ref was a moron.. showed some nice touches I thought.


Jackson - 7 good showing from Jackson, he came on with a ton of energy and could have had 2

Ricketts - 6.5 Again good energy, happy he got the goal

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