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Saskatchewan Viewing Parties - Round 2 Matches


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We're aiming to get as many people to come out to these viewing parties as possible. Here are a few selling points - $4 pints and cheap food deals! Please post on the event wall if you can make St. Lucia. We will be extending it to cover the other matches as well, as Craig at the Pleasureway Pub has agreed to become the new Saskatoon home of the Saskatchewan Voyageurs (http://www.facebook.com/groups/215415065138777/). We have exclusivity with all televisions and pub audio, will always receive beer and food deals (as long as we're in Canada/Voyageurs gear), and he will partner with us for any reasonable advertising we wish to do (postering, Facebook, Saskatoon Soccer email blasts, etc...).

Invite as many people as you possibly can - we need to show him that there is a decent amount of us, and that we have the ability to grow over time. We owe him nothing less, he's sticking his financial neck out for us.

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