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The Importance of Jr. Hoilett

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36 minutes ago, Bertuzzi44 said:

Akindele is better than Millar? Scoring more and had more experience? The argument can certainly be made.

The bolded part is objectively true. The other part is subjective.

Millar has certainly earn more minutes under Herdman than Akindele. He will also be match fit as he is coming from Europe. Those would be the counter arguments.

It will be interesting to see if Herdman chooses one over the other, or possibly both.

I do feel that Akindele has deserved more of a chance under Herdman, whereas Millar has gotten more opportunities than I would have expected, considering he is not scoring regularly for club or country. His performances have been very good, don't get me wrong, but as an attacker you need to set up goals and/or score them, sooner or later.

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5 hours ago, BrennanFan said:

Cavallini, Larin, Davies, David, Hoilett, Akindele

Arfield, Hutchinson, Osorio, Piette, Kaye, Johnson, Eustaquio 

Henry, Vitoria, Cornelius, Miller, Adekugbe, Laryea, Cordova 

Borjan, Crepeau, Leutwiller 

Squad almost picks itself. Millar is the odd man out up front.  I think this game may call for more hold up play than usual, so Larin is in, and it's Akindele's home turf. Teibert and Fraser bumped by Johnson and Hutchinson. 

I actually think this is fairly accurate.  I hate to say it but I can see both Johnson & Akindele being there due to the game being in Orlando.  Not that I agree with it, but historically local players have been included our squads.  Fraser was fantastic last game but if Kaye & Hutchinson are both healthy and included in the squad, I doubt Fraser will see time so they may just keep Johnson as the last midfield pick who will not see the field.  Eustaquio may even be playing full games for Cruz Azul by that time.  If you have a fully fit, Arfield, Osorio, Piette, Hutchinson, Kaye & Eustaquio, I'm not sure Fraser or WJ will see the field.

Lets remember that the fantastic game from Fraser was the only game hes played in months and likely will not see the field again this year.  And as fantastic as he was.  He could play in Orlando and be completely out of his element.  He is still very young.

BTW, I personally would rather have Millar & Fraser over Akindele & Johnson.

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