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Jurgen Klinsmann is new US Head Coach.

Canuck Oranje

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Was b/c of how he used to dive everytime after he scored for Spurs??

Indeed it is!. Setanta cover this insecently in their "Golden moments".

Anyway for those without Paddy (football) TV, the short of it is this.

Before he joined the North London Outfit, Jurgen had a rep for going down quicker than the Greek Economy, when it came to getting challenged in the box. However what most Brits in the 1990's did not know was that Herr Klinsman was German with a sense of humor. Jurgen therefore cooked up a plan, along with the likes of Darren Anderton and the other Tottenham players, that when he scored his first goal, a detachment of the Spurs front line would break, in formation for the corner flag. They would then swallow dive in a syncronized manner, such that its visual complexity would put a Busby Berkley number to shame.

Anyway, He scored. They dived. Commentator exclaimed "LOOK AT THAT, JUST LOOK AT THAT!" and the Klinsman Spurs Legend was born.

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