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July 13, 2011 PDL--Toronto Lynx vs FC London

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Result of the Wednesday July 13, 2011 PDL game between Toronto Lynx and FC London played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 11:00am.

28 min...FCL Carl Haworth GOAL...FCL Gary Ogilvie takes 22 yard freekick down middle has flying goalie Mike Watkins get hand to it on right and Haworth gets rebound all alone at 8 yards to kick in from 4 yards into center of net.

33 min...Lynx (FCL own goal) GOAL...Lynx Lee Smythe is passed ball at 10 yards on left and his shot has FCL Mike Davis put foot out and deflect ball into open net from 5 yards with goalie Jarrett Humphreys waiting in center of net.

50 min...FCL must switch goalies as Jarrett Humphries was knocked out in a collision with Lynx Leigh Veidman. Toba Bolaji comes into the game.

55 min...Lynx Cam Eisses is called for a handball in the Lynx box when he has his arm over his head and a deflection comes up and hits it. Referee Greg Sutton calls a Penalty kick.

56 min...FCL Tyler Hemming Penalty kick shot is low to right and diving goalie pushes ball wide right for a cornerkick.

89 min...FCL Christian Castillo GOAL...FCL Alexandre Rouse gives short pass from left to Castillo who turns and shoots 18 yarder to top right corner of net.

Final Score:......Toronto Lynx........1...........FC London...........2...............

Attendance was about 600 on this matinee game with the stadium filled with children from nearby City of Toronto day camps. CSL North York Astros forward Nordo Gooden was one of the group leaders. An appearance by The Lynxster who hasn't been seen in at least two years was there too. Lynx starters after the introductions kicked soccer balls into the stands. At halftime the subs came out with mini balls and threw them to the crowd. This was the final home game of the season and was the biggest crowd of the season. A Lady Lynx game against London Griffons was scheduled for later in the afternoon.

At 47 minutes Lynx Callum Home took a long 50 yard freekick from the left that had FCL goalie Jarrett Humphries and Lynx Leigh Veidman who was jumping for a header chance crashed together at 8 yards. Humphries was knocked out as their heads banged together. Home held his own head but eventually walked away on his own after shaking hands with the prone but recovered goalie. Play was stopped so the trainers could come out onto the field. Humphries was helped off and an ambulance was called. I was surprised that the ambulance was still on the sidelines after the game was over but eventually it was pulled away. I was assured by team officials that this was all part of the routine monitoring process.

Best non-scoring chances were at 17 minutes when Lynx Taylor Lord guarding the left post at 2 yards headed an FCL player's header from 10 yards who had received a cornerkick from the right. At 19 minutes Lynx Aaron McKenna held off FCL check attempts and passed over to a Lynx player to shoot a 10 yarder down the middle that the goalie palmed over the net. At 39 minutes Lynx Macca Wilde crossed from 25 yards on the left that had the goalie palm to the left and a Lynx player shot behind him and a defender blocked at 3 yards. In injury time Wilde received a freekick tap forward as it appeared two Lynx players crashed together but he took a 20 yard shot that was caught just under the bar by the goalie. At 78 minutes FCL Jonattan Cordoba got to a through ball bouncer at 18 yards and his chip had the leaping goalie catch at 12 yards. A minute later Lynx Tim Flynn got a break through at 22 yards and took an 18 yard low shot that was stopped by the sliding goalie. Flynn then got a passed over ball and his 15 yard shot down the middle hit the left post.

I missed catching some post game action where the Lynx goalie Mike Watkins and forward Macca Wilde were shown Red cards. I expect it was because only three minutes of added time was played while the goalie being knocked out and helped from the field would easily add eight minutes of time alone. The PA announcer told me that both coaches had been ejected after the game.

This was the second time the Lynx played London in a home game this season in the Division's uneven schedule. That game ended 1-0 for London but in today's game the Lynx played much better in terms of time of possession and chances to score. The Lynx have three more road games to complete their season over the next one and a half weeks. Their current record is 5-7-1 and with games to go against Ottawa, London, and Michigan, a 50/50 season record appears tough. The USL confirmed to the PA announcer that the three top teams in the division make the playoffs. Micigan, Chicago and London have locked up those places.

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