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Impact vs. Strikers July 13 2011 (R)


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Yet another energetic start, but without finish in the box, saw the Impact spend minutes 35-90 slowly disintegrating, despite a goal, to just kicking it up aimlessly and giving up dangerous counterattacks, as has been typical of their weak-minded play this season. They conceded within 1 minute of having gone ahead, showing their lack of mental fortitude yet again.

Evan Bush had another stellar performance and, with Camara (who scored), is looking like one of the only players who not only can, but cares to, stay with the team in MLS. I really hope one or two of the trialing CBs can make the team so Camara can go back to the center of midfield where he is a class above the NASL from what we have seen in earlier games.

Terminesi was not dressed that I could see, and Gerba, Agourram and Mayard appear to remain injured; all bad news both for goals and Canadian content.

Testo finally played a good match.

Another opportunity lost where the Impact failed to capitalized on their superior play and then let it bother them too much and collapsed. This has been the story of the season so far. Weirdest thing of all: they appear to be totally unfit. Without fail around minute 55-60 they stop pressing, and spend every stoppage in play lying around stretching.

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Stayed home last night (illness) but did monitor the game online. Impact were lucky not to concede a second goal right after FL scored. I think the shooter hit the crossbar. It seems like this team and the management are just playing out the year.

They do have time to wake up and get some good PR.

I received this by email on Tuesday. I had been told I had until August and now I get the gun to my head. I answered to ask what the exact procedure/payment terms but have yet to get a response.

The Montreal Impact is continuing its preparation for its entry into MLS and all of our efforts are focused on making this transition an historical moment!

The priority window that we are offering to all of our current season ticket holders for MLS in 2012 ends this Friday, July 15. If you have not yet confirmed your seats for MLS, please contact us as soon as possible.

Also, we are offering our 2011 season ticket holders the opportunity to participate in a draw for a trip for two to the MLS All-Star game in New York, on July 27. The prize includes airfare, tickets to the game, hotel and $500 in spending money, all of this alongside the Montreal Impact management.

To have a chance to participate in the draw, all you have to do is pay your 2012 season tickets in full before July 15. We will be drawing the lucky winner during the week of July 18. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at the number below.

Finally, if you have already contacted me to confirm your seats at Saputo Stadium in 2012, we would like to welcome you to MLS and please disregard this email.

Good luck!

If I buy and win do I have to sit next to NDS?

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Positives: Evan Bush was great once again. Camara has lots of quality, I hope he gets back to playing defensive midfielder soon.

Negatives: Philippe Billy had a good first half but he was awful in the second. David Testo was'nt as bad as he was earlier this season but that still was'nt good enough. Do we have forwards? Nick deSantis...

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