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Poli Timisoara and Ricketts in 2011-12?

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Have they been reinstated to the top league? This news report seems to suggest so and also goes on to say that they have pulled out of European matches for the next three years. Seems like they dodged a bullet after the rumoured relegation down a couple of divisions, but a painful compromise too.


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Yes it seems like the league is going to let them play without a licence in League 1 this year but for that reason they can not participate in UEFA competitions. This whole thing might be really good for Ricketts. Between their financial problems and not playing in Europe they will probably not make any big signings so he should get a lot of playing time.

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Looks finished, doesn't it? http://www.europeanultras.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=700

After the football federation decided that Poli Timisoara will play in the second league in the next season ( due to financial problems ) the fans started a series of protest in the city center

They do know how to protest in Timisoara. I'm not sure this cause is as noble as previous ones though...


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Timisoara selling off top players to settle debts, by the looks of things: http://www.poli.tm.ro/fcpt/stire.php?id=383

"Following the decision of July 18, 2011 TAS, which retained the delay of trials against UEFA and the FRF, we decided the following:

Major players who have proved their qualities as Pantilimon, Goga, Bourceanu, SEPS and Tameş will be sold or become co-ownership. From the proceeds will pay the first debt to the budget for the year 2011, around the amount of 800,000 euros. We will also pay other obligations that arose from the activity of the club in 2011."

This article suggests that Ricketts, among a host of other players, has told Timisoara that he will not return if they are banished to the lower leagues, which now looks virtually certain:

"If SBP keeps downgrading decision on FRF, Timisoara will perform at best in League II and, most likely from the flagship team of Timisoara will leave important players such as Pantilimon, Luchin, Bourceanu, SEPS, and Ricketts, players who have said they will not play for Poly in the lower leagues. The positive in this case is that the team will be built on the skeleton band that won the junior national title, but with players of his generation and Luchin Torje, which made the decisive step towards the league."


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