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Jun 19, 2011 PDL--Toronto Lynx vs Indiana Invaders

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Result of the Sunday June 19, 2011 PDL game between Toronto Lynx and Indiana Invaders at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 1:00pm.

41 min...Lynx Aaron McKenna GOAL...TL Lee Smyth low cross from 25 yards on left and McKenna blasts 18 yard shot into left corner of net beyond goalie Avery Steinlage about two feet high.

78 min...Invaders RED card...Ashley Walker earns his second Yellow card for tackle on Lynx players at Invaders 30 yard line. He'd earned his first Yellow card at 26 minutes for a trip on Al James.

Final Score:........Toronto Lynx..........1...........Indiana Invaders...........0..........

Attendance was about 50 on a warm day with a bright sun in the south.

Mike Watkins earned the shutout for the Lynx and needed to be outstanding to stop the Invaders threats. The defence also had to be sharp to prevent many plays as the Invaders worked their way near the Lynx box.

Referee Hassane Rifai never lost control of this game and there were only a total of five cards given out even with the ejection. It was funny when Ashley Walker received his second Yellow and he sprinted

back into a crowd of players hoping that Rifai wouldn't notice. Someone on the Lynx bench said “Second Yellow” (although most soccer games have players signalling for throw-ins though they don't deserve them) and I looked through my notes to check that out. Yes! I was ready to grab the microphone and remind the officials but Rifai had already called the player back. He said after the game he knew it all along.

Best non-scoring chances started off quickly as at 2 minutes Lynx Macca Wilde got the ball up the right on a 2 on 1 break and curled a 15 yard cross that was low and was caught by the goalie. A minute later Wilde took a 25 yard freekick from the right and had TL Andrew Dereyeh kick a midair 8 yard shot wide left of the net. At 9 minutes II Adam Mena turned and took a 12 yard shot that landed on top of the net. At 27 minutes Lee Smyth took a 40 yard freekick from the left which had a Lynx player pop a header from 6 yards high and wide left of net. At 45 minutes Smyth rolled a pass from the left and Leigh Veidman shot a 12 yard roller up middle just wide right of the post past the diving goalie. If they'd have scored on that play, they would have had an easier time of winning. At 47 minutes Lynx Jon Costa rolled a ball through defenders to Aaron McKenna for a 12 yard shot that was stopped by the sprawling goalie. At 53 minutes Wilde took a cornerkick from the left that had Veidman head the ball just wide left from 6 yards. At 56 minutes Wilde got to a pass down the left sideline and rushed in from 50 yards and took a 22 yard shot from the left that just missed the right post. At 69 minutes II Gregg Klazura blasted a 20 yard shot from the left off the bar. At 74 minutes II Mena got through the defenders to redirect a ball from 12 yards on right to the goalie. At 86 minutes II Dylan Williams took a 25 yard freekick from the left that had the flying Lynx goalie push wide left of the net. On the cornerkick Williams from the left had Lynx Jelani Smith able to head away in a crowd of players. A minute later at the other end Wilde took a 30 yard blast down the middle that the goalie was able to palm over the net. At 92 minutes, II Klazura took a 50 yard freekick from the left that the goalie was able to make a fingertip catch over a crowd of players with even the II goalie rushed into the box to try to create a chance/tip/penalty call.

Invaders had a Japanese forward in today's game named Hideki Takeda. Last year they had a forward

Musa Kumara who scored their first goal in a 2-1 victory. I didn't feel Takeda was good in that he'd shoot or head wide and be called offside. Kumara was eventually subbed in at 77 minutes when the Invaders needed to press. I heard second hand that the Invaders goalie was playing with two broken fingers or at least two extremely sprained fingers.

Lynx reverse the score from the 1-0 loss they suffered on their road trip to Indiana exactly three Sundays earlier. Invaders had beaten FC London 4-0 last night in London. I rated London the best of the three Canadian teams in the Great Lakes Division. Lynx coach Duncan Wilde said after the game the division is up for grabs this year (I still think Chicago Fire, Michigan Bucks and FC London—because of games in hand—are the teams to beat). Wilde said for this game, the Lynx had seven under 20s on the field and rated 18 year old Andrew Dereyeh his best player in today's game. Lynx record improves to four wins and three losses while Invaders fall to three wins, four losses, one tie.

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