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CSL 2011--Week 5

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Result of the Friday June 3, 2011 CSL game between Serbian White Eagles and Brantford Galaxy played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 8:00pm.

35 min...SWE Milos Vucinic GOAL...Vucinic at center line sends short pass forward to SWE Sasa Viciknez at 30 yards and he taps over pass to charging Vucinic on left to go in alone at 25 yards on left and takes low 15 yard shot past frozen goalie Vladimir Markotic and into right corner of net.

48 min...SWE RED card...Ricardo Manguia Perez earns a direct ejection from referee Geoff Gamble for a two footed sliding tackle at SWE 31 yards when he's forced to break up play as SWE Darryl Gomez sends a bad back pass from 45 yards and Perez catches BG Ranko Golijanin with his cleats.

72 min...SWE Andre Orlando knocks down high ball on left side of SWE box with his head. He then slips and pulls down charging Ranko Golijanin and the referee calls a Penalty kick.

73 min...Galaxy Nenad Begovic GOAL...Begovic blasts low shot into right corner of net as goalie Milos Djurkovic dives left.

76 min...SWE Milos Scepanovic GOAL...SWE Alex Braletic on a run takes a low 25 yard cross from the right that sliding Scepanovic kicks 12 yarder down the middle into the left corner of the net. Scepanovic then is given a Yellow card for his goal celebration in which he did not leave the playing field and was just accepting the hugs from his teammates in the Galaxy end.

Final Score:........Serbian White Eagles........2...........Brantford Galaxy........1.......

Attendance was about 250 on this mild, dry night.

White Eagles played with ten men for the almost the entire second half and still won after conceding a tieing goal on a penalty kick. It was a good recovery from their 1-0 loss on Sunday against Toronto Croatia when that game was called after only 45 minutes because of lightning.

This was the first game of the season for White Eagles striker Sasa Viciknez and midfielder Ramon Bailey. They played well with Viciknez being subbed out at 53 minutes for Andre Orlando (later called for the penalty).

A new player for the White Eagles was midfielder Kevin Souter ('new' as in just signed earlier in the afternoon according to CSL League Administrator Pino Jazbec). He was from Scotland and played a few games for Aberdeen but more recently for MLS Kansas City Wizards in 2008 and 2009 where his one goal was against Toronto FC in 2008. He now is the player coach for Ryerson University in Toronto.

Brantford Galaxy are the current CSL champions. Their team had many changes in their lineup during their first season last year but from the starters in the championship Final last year they still have defenders Stanko Karacic, Zachary Tait, and Zvonko Bakula, midfielder Nenad Begovic and forward (and now captain) Ranko Golijanin. Subs for that game here for tonight's game were midfielders Austin White and Stefan Dancetovic, and forward Ben Turnbull. Manager tonight was Jim Turnbull who was watching his twin sons play and sending up-to-the-minute messages to the Brantford newspaper. Geez, and the Toronto paper I get didn't even send a reporter to the national team game in its own backyard.

Geoff Gamble was the referee tonight and had to give out more than just the Red card and the Penalty card tonight in what was an open but rough game. He is often an MLS official. Soon as I got home I could watch Silviu Petrescu referee the Los Angeles vs DC United game. He often referees games in the CSL.

White Eagles started out fast and exploited openings in the Galaxy defence. At 3 minutes Ricardo Manguia Perez chipped down the middle from 65 yards that found both Sasa Viciknez and Alex Braletic open for a 2 on 0 break. Viciknez received the ball at 35 yards and took a 15 yard roller that the diving goalie pushed off the left post then got up to grab the ball at 5 yards. At 9 minutes Milos Scepanovic took a 15 yard shot that had the goalie slide to block and then Braletic took a low shot from almost the same spot that the goalie made another sliding save to stop. At 23 minutes Galaxy Ferid Idrizovic took a 25 yard freekick from the right that hit the bar near the right post and the defenders cleared the rebound. At 34 minutes (a minute before the goal) SWE Scepanovic on a rush on the left sent in a long cross from 30 yards near the sideline that found Braletic all alone, he stopped and took a 15 yard shot that the sprawling goalie stopped. At 41 minutes, SWE Ramon Bailey fed the ball from 55 yards through to Braletic who rushed in from 40 yards and took a 20 yard shot that the sprawling goalie made an arm save and Viciknez got the rebound and tried to round the goalie on the left and got to the end line and his sharp angle shot from 10 yards deflected wide left for a cornerkick.

In the second half, right after the Red card, Galaxy Nenad Begovic took the resulting freekick and blasted the 31 yard shot off the bar near the left post. The rebound play was flagged offside. The Galaxy defence had tightened up, aided by being a man up, and White Eagles breaks were a lot less frequent.

Galaxy has one more game this weekend. They will be back at this same stadium on Sunday night to play Toronto Croatia at 8:00pm.

Rocket Robin


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Result of the Sunday June 5th, 2011 CSL game between Toronto Croatia and Brantford Galaxy played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 8:00pm.

1 min...Tor Croatia Tihomir Maletic GOAL...TC Hayden Fitzwilliams runs to left end line and his 10 yard centering pass found Maletic for him to take low 6 yard shot into the right side of the net.

4 min...TC Tihomir Maletic cornerkick from right had a TC player on left post pushed over end line by defender so he couldn't get a 5 yard header along line. Referee Yusri Rudolph called for a Penalty kick.

6 min...Tor Croatia Tihomir Maletic GOAL...Maletic shot low Penalty kick to left side of net as goalie Vladimir Markotic crumples to the right.

55 min...Tor Croatia Tomislav Ples GOAL...TC Augustin De Medina crossed from near the right corner flag had Ples head 8 yarder into right corner of net beyond flying goalie.

75 min...Galaxy RED card...Raphael Goldemann earns the direct ejection by knocking over TC Hugo Herrera at 6 yards on his rush down the middle. The referee also awarded a Penalty kick.

77 min...Tor Croatia Hugo Herrera GOAL...Herrera takes low Penalty kick to left corner of net with goalie crumpling in middle.

Final Score:.........Toronto Croatia........4.............Brantford Galaxy.........0........

Attendance was about 175 on this mild evening with the sun still in the north west for the first half.

Toronto Croatia put this game away early with two goals so soon. They caught the Galaxy defence unprepared for a quick start. Last Sunday night they had a lead at 10 minutes that they held onto for a game against Serbian White Eagles called at halftime because of lightning and counted in the standings as per the rules of this league so if a lesson was learned, it's try to get an early lead. On Friday night the Galaxy played at this same stadium and were beaten by the White Eagles 2-1 so this has not been a good weekend for the team.

Galaxy manager Jim Turnbull was talking about the differences between this year's team and the 2010 edition which won the CSL Championship. He said last year's team had eastern Europeans on it who were very helpful to the young Canadian players playing on their Reserve team but this year's group of imports are more to themselves and stick together including their on field passing. Also this year's team has a core of nine regular players and nine reserves (so the CSL Second Division is a true feeder system for their team) and some of them had to play three games this weekend despite injuries as the reserve team had to play on Saturday. Their reserve team beat Prospect FC 2-1.

The game went perfectly for Toronto Croatia. Sandi Matika earned the shutout in net by making a few key saves. The fans only concern was some were shouting for Maletic to take the second Penalty kick to earn his third goal of the night. He and Hugo Herrera were in the box discussing it and since it was Herrera who was knocked over, Maletic let him take the kick.

Referee Yusri Rudolph had to give out a few cards besides the Red to keep things under control. Both teams cleared their benches of subs in the second half especially near the end to get everyone in the game. I've heard this year's limit is five of the seven subs can be brought into the game.

Among the best non-scoring chances were at 23 minutes when BG's Stanko Karacic took a 30 yard freekick from the left that had BG Ferid Idrizovic head an 8 yarder down the middle that had the flying goalie catch on the right post. At 41 minutes TC Lee Hagerdon was in on a breakaway from 30 yards and took an 18 yard shot that was saved by the sprawling goalie at 12 yards and then a defender save a 20 yard rebound. At 88 minutes TC Mario Kulis took a cornerkick from the left that was knocked around and partially cleared but crossed back into the box and TC Niko Pesa headed the ball over the net from 6 yards.

Rocket Robin


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Hey Robin,

Any word on if Miodrag Andjelkovic is playing for Brantford Galaxy this year?

His name wasn't listed on the roster for the Friday nor the Sunday game.

I also didn't see Kiril Dimitrov for White Eagles on the Friday game. Any idea what happened to him?

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He is now with Valletta FC in Malta. Andjelkovic played for some impressive clubs. People may say what they wish about journeymen but hey, if I was a pro footballer, I'd be a journeyman too! Just imagine all the countries, clubs and cultures he experienced - wow!

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