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What footballer has played with the most teams in his career?


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I came across this on Wikipedia:

John Burridge


29 different clubs, 15 of which are/were in the Football League. He was also the oldest player to play in the EPL at 43 years, 4 months and 26 days when he last played for Man City in 1995.

Does anyone know of another player who played for so many clubs? I guess this makes Ali Gerba's 11 clubs not that impressive.

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I forgot about Lutz Pfannenstiel who played for the Calgary Mustangs and Vancouver Whitecaps. He seems to come second with 25 clubs:


This is incredible:

Pfannenstiel is mostly famous for having played for 25 different clubs all around the world during his career,[5] including stints in Germany, England, New Zealand,[6] Singapore, USA, Brazil, South Africa, Finland, Malaysia, Malta, Belgium, Canada, Namibia, Norway and Albania.[7] After signing for Hermann Aichinger in Brazil, he has played for clubs in all six inhabited continents.

I saw him play for the Mustangs in a loss to the Impact in 2004 and he was simply spectacular.

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