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Rivalry Cup: ESG vs the Dark Clouds

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So I've been talking to some of the leaders of the Dark Clouds (the Minnesota supporters group who raised the funds for Slave Lake). The idea has been proposed for a "Cup" to take place yearly between the ESG and the Dark Clouds, where the supporters raise money for charity throughout the year, and the club that wins the league series would see its supporters pick the charity that the money would be donated to. Of course with this would come a big trophy that would be gloated over for the following year. Over the course of the day, we've tossed ideas back and forth, and I'm getting pretty damn excited about it.

Don't know how fesible it is, without getting a chance to travel down the Minnesota to confront them head on its a bit difficult, but I know some of us had talked about making a road trip down sometime. Don't know if we'd make it this year, but I'm pretty sure that the club would be more than happy to help out and assist with the travel between the clubs (for the trophy). The other convienient part for us is that the series ends in Edmonton, so the trophy wouldn't even have to leave the city! ;D

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