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Hi I'm Fouge...

Brad Fougere

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What's up,

Some of you might know me from my @fouge account.

I'm a coach from Dartmouth, NS. I used to coach at Dartmouth United, and with the Harbour East RTC. For a minute I was an assistant with the St. Mary's University women's program. Currently, I live in Ottawa and am helping at the Fury. I used to write a bit about the women's side of things, and then for short time about the men's nat teams at goal.com.

I had hoped to get to my first national team game next week, but, alas... its not going to happen.

I like Argentina. Shoot me.

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I don't think so. The only thing that comes to mind when you mention that was an It's Called Football episode where Ben and Duane talked to Pat Nearing of the Dal Tigers about the possibility of CIS players getting into the draft. I don't know of a concerted effort (publicized) to make that happen. I do remember it being talked about, though.

Anyway, not me.

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