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FC Edmonton and Slave Lake.

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Irrespective of any commercial angle. I just think this is a nice touch.


FC Edmonton is helping the victims of the Slave Lake fire by inviting them to take in a soccer game.

About 7,000 Slave Lake residents were forced out of their homes over the weekend while fire ravaged their entire community.

The Edmonton Expo Centre has been set up as an evacuation centre and hundreds of people will be calling it home as they search for places to stay until it’s safe to go home.

In the hopes of giving the victims some relief, FC Edmonton staff dropped off 200 tickets to Monday evening’s game against the NSC Minnesota Stars today.

“We’ve all been watching the coverage of the Slave Lake fire on the news and it’s affected our whole team,” said FC Edmonton’s new General Manager Tom Leip. “We know this isn’t much but we hope that a night out at a soccer game will give the victims a much needed break from all the stress they’re currently experiencing.”

If the tickets run out, anyone who presents an ID with a Slave Lake address will get free admission to the game.

In addition to the tickets, FC Edmonton will be accepting donations of non-perishable food on behalf of Edmonton’s Food Bank. Two donation boxes will be set up at Foote Field on game day.

The club will also make an announcement over the PA system during the game about how fans can help the Red Cross out with their relief efforts.

“This is just one more example of how our team and fans continue to Stand United for Edmonton and the surrounding communities,” Leip said.

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Things like this should help engrain the club into the community. Good work FCE, as I can't imagine what life would be like if I had to evacuate my home to wait out a natural disaster. This should help take their minds away from their uncomfortable circumstances.

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