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CSL 2011--Week 3

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Result of the Friday May 20, 2011 CSL game between SC Toronto and London City played at Lamport

Stadium in Toronto at 8:00pm.

40 min...SCT Carlos Nogueira GOAL...SCT Sergio De Luca pushes through ball pass from left up the

middle from 25 yards. Nogueira rolls shot 10 yards to right corner of net beyond sprawling goalie Scott Mueller.

70 min...SCT Massimo Mirabelli GOAL...SCT players work out short cornerkick from right and SCT Alon Batdat crosses 22 yarder from right that bounces to charging Mirabelli who pokes 5 yarder to short right side of net that sprawling goalie gets hand to but ball deflects over him.

71 min...SCT Massimo Mirabelli GOAL...SCT Branko Majstorovic taps freekick from 25 yards across box and then charges around four man player wall on right where he's rolled a pass. He rolls 12 yard cross near right end line that SCT Alon Badat taps but ball flies up off defender and Mirabelli chips 7 yard kick over flying goalie to high left side of net.

72 min...City Youna Samra GOAL...Samra chests down long chip from 40 yards at 18 yards on left and ball drops over to City Thomas Beattie who rolls him pass to left and Samra bends in 15 yard shot into top left corner of net over goalie Mike Silva.

75 min...SCT Alan Badat GOAL...SCT Sergio De Luca turns and tries to squeeze through at 20 yards on 1 on 4 rush but is bumped over on edge of box by jersey tug by City Daniel Vincent but rolls ball forward where Badat holds off City Carson Green to round charging and sliding goalie at 10 yards and kick ball into center of empty net.

82 min...City Youna Samra GOAL...Samra cornerkick from left has SCT Richard Asante head ball away. City Daniel Vincent at 50 yards on left chips ball to middle and Samra chests ball down, turns,

and fires low 15 yard shot into right corner of net.

Final Score:........SC Toronto........4.......London City.........2.......

Attendance was about 200 people on this warm night. There was no Toronto Eagles (affiliated club)

before this game like last week but they had lots of kids here from their organization play a mini game at half time.

The goals game fast and furious with four goals in a five minute period starting at 70 minutes. Both teams had other chances that the scoreline could have been doubled. At 18 minutes City Eris Tafaj had a cornerkick from the left that goalie Mike Silva stepped forward for to catch overhead but he dropped it and Ctiy Brody Van Gestel kicked a 12 yard shot over the net. At 28 minutes City Youna Samra took an 18 yard blast from the right on a run that the sprawling goalie blocked at 6 yards. At 49 minutes Samra took a 10 yard shot from the left that bounced wide right of goal. A minute later Samra got to a bouncer in the middle and shot over the net wide left. In the same minute SCT Alon Badat blasted an

18 yard shot on rush up the middle well over the net. At 54 minutes SCT Massimo Mirabelli got to a chipped cross sent in from 50 yards at the 18 yard left edge of box and rounded the goalie but shot a 10 yard try into the left side webbing of the net. At 84 minutes Badat couldn't turn a cross sent in from 20 yards from the left as he charged forward or he would have had a 6 yard tap-in into the open net.

Referee David Barrie kept the game under control and gave out only Yellow card that I can remember. [EDIT--actually three the referee later e-mailed me]. London City has a completely different roster than last year's 4-12-8 (W-L-T) record. I only recognized five names held over. The team bus has a picture of captain Michael Marcoccia on each side of it. I was joking with City Manager Ryan Gauss before the game (as I didn't recognize whose picture it was). It is a decal so it could be peeled off in future years so no position is permanent.

This game was broadcast live on Rogers Community Channel after two weeks of tape delayed games—one for hockey playoffs and one because of a storm getting the crew to pack up their transmitter equipment. The broadcast is also shown again tomorrow at 8:00pm. Good league/TV strategy may be

to try to show the game played in Ottawa between Capital City vs Toronto Croatia game which was broadcast locally and was rumoured to have 2500 fans turn up to see it live. Now that would look good on television!

SC Toronto gets off to a dream 2 wins in 2 games start but their next game is on the road for the first time this season against Brampton City United at Victoria Park at 3:00pm next Sunday afternoon.

Rocket Robin


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Result of the Saturday May 21, 2011 CSL game between TFC Academy and Windsor Stars played at Lamport Stadium in Toronto at 6:00pm.

17 min...Stars Robert Malbasil GOAL...WS Gino Berardi 25 yard freekick from left sideline has ball knocked over to right side of box where TFCA Stephen Almeida blocks on right post but ball not cleared and Malbasil boots midair shot from 5 yards into the top part of the net past goalie Angelo Cavalluzzo.

36 min...TFCA Jordan Murrell GOAL...TFCA Christopher Mannella rolls ball through crowd of players from 20 yards to find Murrell who rolls 12 yarder into net past goalie Anthony Santilli.

41 min...TFCA Stefan Vukovic GOAL...TFCA Jordan Murrell rushes to left end line near corner flag and cross from 25 yards has Vukovic head 4 yarder into middle to right side of goal just inside post.

52 min...Stars Robert Malbasil GOAL...WS Emilio Giorgi cross from left end line has Malbasil leap and head 4 yarder into center of net just under bar.

59 min...TFCA Stefan Vukovic GOAL...TFCA Keith Makubuya crosses from 25 yards on right has Vukovic leap and head 5 yarder into center of net just below bar.

80 min...TFCA Stefan Vukovic GOAL...TFCA Kaheem Christopher rushes on right and pushes pass from 25 yards to TFCA Michael Bilak at 15 yards to cross into box and Vukovic kicks 8 yarder into right side of net.

93 min...TFCA Jordan Murrell GOAL...TFCA Tristan Jackman saves ball on left end line and crosses into box and Murrell to blast 8 yarder into net.

Final Score:........TFC Academy.........5..........Windsor Stars...........2

Attendance was about 100 people made up of parents and family and some teenage boys from Academies watching the game. There were no more than a handful of 'Support Local Soccer' message board fans there. Their flares weren't missed because the game was over before it got dark.

Stefan Vukovic scored three goals today for his second hat trick of the season. All were scored in the box from balls sent in from outside the box. Right place, right time. He scored three in the season opener against Montreal Impact Academy. He leads the league with six goals in three games.

The Academy had only three subs listed today and used MLS signed players (although all former Academy grads) Doneil Henry on defence, Matt Stinson in midfield, and Keith Makubuya at forward. I asked Academy Director Stuart Neely before the game. His answer is that NINE players are away at an Under 17 training camp for the Canadian National team who have qualified for the World Cup. Those three players obviously did not make the trip this weekend to Colorado to play the Rapids on Sunday. They have been mostly bench players if named to the lineups at all. With TFC not having any Reserve League games for a few weeks now, it was important to give them some game action. A few years ago, Jason Bent told me there would be no crossing back to the Academy once a player made the pros but Neely said that the MLS office and the CSA have made some changes to allow this to happen. Yes those players could be in the lineup for further games but it's unsure how many games this could carry forward. TFCA's Junior team were playing Niagara today so filling the roster with those players was not an option.

The returning MLS players didn't dominate the game as might be expected. Matt Stinson took almost all the freekicks and cornerkicks. I counted four of his cornerkicks sailing over players waiting in the box. I thought Stephen Almeida was the best defender with some good runs down the wing besides defensive blocks although two goal scoring defender-team captain Jordan Murrell would be hard to beat for any award today.

Referee was Marie-Soleil Beaudoin who had a very easy game to call until the 87th minute when TFCA Dakar Charles took a Yellow card for a tackle from behind to the left of the box at about the 10 yard

line. Before the freekick was taken TFCA Jordan Murrell was flattened in the box and rolled around on the turf clutching his face. I'd assume a punch or an elbow was thrown as players waited for WS Danny Dragoi to take the kick. A pushing match ensued and assistant referee Jeff Fearnall came into the melee to help separate the teams.

Windsor makes their first visit to Toronto since the last time they had a team in the league in 2008 as the Border Stars. They wore all black uniforms back then but this year's team wore blue shirts. They brought six subs. My problem with the old Windsor team was they'd come to Toronto late in the season sometimes with only nine or eleven players. The league has helped the team in that many of their Toronto area games are played either on Saturday or on Sunday afternoons so players can get back to Windsor and work on Monday. 2008 was the first year of the TFC Academy.

Stars team captain Danny Dragoi took most of the freekicks and cornerkicks. A brief scan of their roster had me find only four players that were on the 2008 team. Gino Berardi is a forward, Filip Rocca is a defender (and now team owner), Anthony Santilli is still the goalie, and Emilio Giorgi is a midfielder—and now younger brother Franco Giorgi is a defender. I'd say this team has a fair chance of making the playoffs.

TFCA's head coach Danny Dichio paced the sidelines and looked more like he was calling the shots today whereas in their first game at the beginning of the month, Stuart Neely looked more like he controlled the team. I thanked Neely for helping me fill in some of the assists as unlike Friday's game, I can't cheat and replay the goals on television. Headed goals don't just fall out of the sky...someone puts them there!

One last thing, as the world hasn't come to an yet on May 21st. The goals at 41 minutes and 52 minutes

were almost identical. Both were scored by number 9s. Both were assisted by number 4s. The goalies wore number 1s. They were both crossed in from the identical place on the field (remember teams switch ends at halftime) and scored on four yard headers.

Rocket Robin


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Good league/TV strategy may be

to try to show the game played in Ottawa between Capital City vs Toronto Croatia game which was broadcast locally and was rumoured to have 2500 fans turn up to see it live. Now that would look good on television!


Except the number of fans announced was just over 1000, actual attendees in Ottawa was more to my eye in the range of 600. I suspect the numbers are going to drift down to the level of the rest of the CSL as time goes on they dont have a viable marketing plan that will sustain itself.

When the Fury PDL team is playing it will be interesting to see if any of the two teams draw fans as opposed to parents and or mini players brought out by coaches at the direction of the club.

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Good league/TV strategy may be

to try to show the game played in Ottawa between Capital City vs Toronto Croatia game which was broadcast locally and was rumoured to have 2500 fans turn up to see it live. Now that would look good on television!

This game was actually on the Toronto schedule posted on their site for Saturday at 4:00 PM. I tuned in and hit record but it wasn't on. I kept checking through the weekend but it didn't turn up.

Is no one in other southern Ontario cities able to record these other games?

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