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Tickets for Canada vs Ecuador are in the mail.


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Still haven't received mine yet. Hopefully they will come on Tuesday, I'm starting to get worried lol.

Were they shipped out of Toronto?

Nevermind, found it. I forgot I used my brother's Paypal account so it was sent to him.

Thanks!!!! :)

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The letter sent out with the tickets is a really nice touch. It gets our point across very clearly without sounding too forceful.

I read the note. It sounded a bit like preaching to the choir. But I'm guessing casual/non Canada fans are also buying the tickets here? I assume the letter would be directed to them.

I also might be biased in saying this but wearing a TFC shirt to a Canada does not bother me, mainly because the jersey is red, and/or if the jersey is of a member of the national team (DeGuzman, or DeRo [i'm sure not everyone has thrown their DeRo jerseys in the garbage]).

Anyway, all the hard word is appreciated. See you all at the game.

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