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CSL 2011--Week 2

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Result of the Friday May 13, 2011 CSL game between SC Toronto and Montreal Impact Academy

held at Lamport Stadium in Toronto at 8:00pm.

17 min...SCT Massimo Mirabelli GOAL...SCT Alexandros Halis takes cornerkick from left that has

Mirabelli head 3 yarder from left post into right side of net beyond goalie guarding center of net.

28 min...SCT Alexandros Halis GOAL...MIA defender clears ball off Halis at 30 yards and ball deflects

to Halis who is now in alone at 25 yards on left. He runs towards goal and takes low 12 yard shot through goalie Dominic Provost's legs standing at 6 yards and ball rolls into center of net.

Final Score:.......SC Toronto.......2.........Montreal Impact Academy.......0.....

Attendance was about 250 on this mild but wet night with a light rain starting to fall after the game

started. This was the 'first' league game played by this new team (formally Portugal FC ). The crowd

was mostly parents and kids of their affiliate club of Toronto Eagles. The crowd was loud when

encouraged with one prize of the autographed game ball and one of a vuvuzela (the plastic horn blown

at the World Cup in South Africa).

SC Toronto continuously exploited a weakness on the left side of the Impact defence for the first thirty

minutes of the game until a 33 minute sub of defender Francesco Augustin to replace Ismail Benomar which put an end to it.

Mike Silva earned the shutout for SC Toronto making some good saves although most were from outside the box. Best saves were at 62 minutes when MIA Wandrille Lefevre took an 18 yard freekick from the left that Silva palmed the ball wide right for a cornerkick and at 83 minutes when Maxim Tissot took a 40 yard freekick from from the left that had an MIA player head a 10 yarder that Silva caught.

Referee Silvio Petrescu had an easy game to officiate giving out just a few Yellow cards for some rough tackles.

This game was being broadcast live on Rogers Community Channel 10 but the signal was cut off at the 25 minute mark and went to studio programming. There was some lightning in the distance over Lake

Ontario and that panicked the broadcaster to wind down their mobile antenna truck and just record the

rest of the game for later rebroadcast. Much the same as last week's game tape delayed for minor hockey league playoff coverage, this one is scheduled to be shown at 8:00pm on Saturday night. (running opposite of the MLS Toronto FC vs Chicago Fire game). There should be a bigger potential

audience for this game on basic cable then the MLS game broadcast on the obscure GOL TV digital channel.

Carmine Isacco is back coaching SC Toronto/Portugal FC. This year's team has some TFC experience

in the lineup. Daniel Fabrizi and Casey D'Mello and Brennan McNicholl were all with the TFC Academy last year but with that team doing a 'Logan's Run' every year to make room for new players,

these players have come over here to play. Parker Seymour was with the TFC Junior Academy last year. Midfielder Richard Asante is also with the team and he was with the original 2007 TFC training camp. Isacco also confirmed for me that forward Adrian Pena (York University's Male Athlete of the Year for 2010...and with two more years eligibility at York University) is with them this year but recovering from injury. Alon Badat is also on this team and was named York U's Male Rookie Athlete of the Year for 2010. Defender Gerard Ladiyou is also on both teams. The team won the CIS championship last year. Isacco is the head coach of York U and was an assistant coach of Toronto FC in their first years. Isacco answered that Andrea Lombardo (Toronto FC 2007-2008) is currently on “fitness hiatus”.

Montreal now moves on to play Mississauga Eagles on Saturday. That team is in the GTA so it wouldn't be the same as last week's voyage to Windsor for them after losing at this same stadium to TFC Academy. SC Toronto's next game is next Friday at Lamport Stadium against London City.

There has been one change to the schedule for this weekend. The North York Astros vs TFC Academy game scheduled for Sunday at 6:00pm at Esther Shiner Stadium has been cancelled as the stadium is 'not ready'. How that can happen on Field Turf is beyond me but it happened last year at Centennial Stadium when the field wasn't properly refitted after a track meet and two week's of games were cancelled.

Rocket Robin


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I'm personally excited for tonight's 6pm match; Shooters v. City, I'm really hoping the off season development and the full preseason with Luka Shaqiri (who had the team on the upswing at the tail end of last season just after taking the job) will prove to be a turning point for the club.

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Could divulge a revealing anecdote about Luka Shaqiri and City that did the rounds in London's soccer community the first time he was involved there in the aftermath of all the successful refugee status claims by the Partizan Tirana youth team, who had visited London for the Henderson Youth tournament. Suffice to say it's probably a good sign that things may finally have changed for the better fifteen years later that he is still in charge at this point.

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Result of the CSL game of Sunday May 15th, 2011 between Toronto Croatia and St Catharines Wolves

played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 8:00pm.

10 min...TC Tihomir Maletic GOAL...Maletic shoots in 16 yard shot from right into left side of net with open man at 15 yards on left keeping goalie Claudio Perri trapped in position.

18 min...Wolves Rudy Pikuzinski GOAL...Pikuzinski intercepts bad clearance at 22 yards and takes shot down middle into top right corner of net.

55 min...Wolves Matthew Fontino GOAL...Wolves Dana Heimbecker cross from 12 yards on left and

Fontino bicycle kicks ball over goalie Sandi Matika at 3 yards and ball drops just under bar.

93 min...Wolves RED card...Matthew Waddington earns his second Yellow card for a tackle.

95 min...Wolves RED card...Stefan Kamendy earns direct ejection for a tackle at W 30 yards.

96 min...game ends.

Final Score:.....Toronto Croatia......1..........St Catharines Wolves.........2......

Attendance was about 80 on this cold and wet night. It had rained all day and kept raining the whole game (think the Toronto FC second half last night). When the crowd is that small, everybody can be sheltered by the canopy of the press box above.

This game was very rough with referee Ljubisa Vrlies giving out ten cards during the game—six to the Wolves—not for sliding tackles as might be expected on wet field turf but most for bumps and kicks.

Worst spell was for Croatia with injuries within a six minute span starting at 30 minutes. Boris Tomac was hurt when he was kicked in the ankle or lower leg while at the W 25 yard line and the team played short as no one was warming up. At 34 minutes Wolves Scott MacLennan picked up a Yellow card for injurying TC Niko Pesa along the sideline. At 36 minutes Tomislav Ples finally came in as a substitute. Before that minute was up, TC Tihomir Maletic was injured at the W 50 yards getting away

a pass on the sideline.

Wolves were hanging on, as they admitted after the game, for the last 25 minutes but the Toronto team

couldn't score an equalizer.

Best non scoring chances were at 6 minutes when Wolves Matthew Fontino took a 20 yard shot through a defender down the middle that was saved by the sprawling goalie at 6 yards and Matthew Cain then blasted the 20 yard rebound down the middle that was saved by the prone goalie. At 22 minutes, Cain chipped a cross from 12 yards on the left that a defender prevented Fontino from getting a 3 yard tap-in on the right. At 60 minutes TC Tihomir Maletic took a cornerkick from the right that had Hayden Fitzwilliams jump and connect a foot to at 3 yards on the left post sending the ball high and wide left of the net. At 70 minutes Fitzwilliams rushed on the left and rolled a ball between a defender and the goalie on the left post and a sliding Dani Jankovic missed connecting at 3 yards into the open net. At 79 minutes, TC Halburto Harris sent in a cross from 25 yards from the right that was partially cleared and Maletic blasted a 16 yarder down the middle that the goalie palmed over the net. Three minutes later,

Maletic blasted a 12 yard shot from the left that the goalie batted wide left of the net. Two minutes after that TC Lee Hagerdon took a 16 yard shot over the net when tapped over a pass from Tonci Pirija.

At 88 minutes, TC Hugo Herrera took a scissor kick from 12 yards that flew over the net. Finally at 94 minutes, Hagerdon headed an 8 yarder up the middle that the goalie palmed up in the air and a defender

headed the ball away.

I got rained on enough in the press box that my notes started to run. The windows are tinted and show reflections of the light in the room if they're on. I didn't even see the goal at 18 minutes. In order to see the field and players, the windows must be open far enough to stick your head out. The driving rain did its damage.

Toronto Croatia's coach this year is Velimir Crljan who was a TC striker and who I've seen coach the team in prior years (but not 2010).

The Wolves scored only 19 goals in 24 games and won only four games last year to finish last in the league. This year they are wearing all black with white numbers.

New Wolves head coach is Carlos Arghittu who was a forward on the team for many years and I remember watching on the 1999 Toronto Lynx. The last year or so he was most likely to come into games as a late substitute and is now 36. He invited me in to the dressing room so I could say hello to everyone. Defender Geoffrey Attard is back with the team on defence after missing last year for family commitments. One player showed his teammates where he got punched in the face. Players were laughing about how the coach will have to fill the team because of suspensions.

Note: I don't expect there to be any pictures of the game on my web page as somewhere after the game I lost my camera. Ironically earlier in the day, I was at the Henry's Camera Show within a few km of the stadium and picking up brochures of the newest models. I lost my claim tag for my own camera but had no trouble passing through security on the way out when I showed them how beat up my case was. They don't make that model of camera anymore! Let's hope the stadium has a lost and found.

Rocket Robin


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Windsor Star report of the new Windsor team's game against Brampton City United:


An inspirational speech from injured player Riccardo Castenada lifted the Windsor Stars to their first win of the young Canadian Soccer League season.

Castenada broke his leg in last week’s 2-0 loss to Montreal. Not yet allowed to stand for any great length of time, he dropped by Windsor Stadium before Saturday’s game against Brampton City United and the coaches let him give the pre-game pep talk.

“The guys came out on fire,” co-coach Steve Vagnini said. “We moved the ball well. It was 100 per cent different than last week.”

Danny Dragoi scored on a penalty shot in the 20th minute and keeper Anthony Santilli made it stand up for a 1-0 victory before 800 fans...

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Carmine Isacco is back coaching SC Toronto/Portugal FC. This year's team has some TFC experience

in the lineup. Daniel Fabrizi and Casey D'Mello and Brennan McNicholl were all with the TFC Academy last year but with that team doing a 'Logan's Run' every year to make room for new players, these players have come over here to play. Parker Seymour was with the TFC Junior Academy last year.

I was very surprised to see Parker Seymour coming on as a substitute for SC Toronto on Friday. Was it his choice to leave the TFC Academy or was he forced out? Would be shocked if TFC let a good U17 international RB go...has me thinking back to last summer when a few of the '94's from the Ontario Provincial team (including Bryce Alderson) chose PFC over TFCA and wondering if Isaaco is not seen as a better coach than what TFCA is putting out there...

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