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What national teams could you play for under FIFA rules?


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Reading the post about Reda Agouram being contacted by the Moroccan FA gave me the idea to start this thread. What national teams could you play for, under FIFA rules, if you were good enough?

For me there are two:

Canada-Citizen of this great country since 1973(arrived in 1967)

Morocco-My country of birth and that of my parents and all 4 grandparents.

And you?

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At birth I think my options under the current rules would theoretically have been Scotland and the Republic of Ireland and I could easily have had both Northern Ireland and the Republic as hypothetical options up to the present day if my grandfather had not narrowly missed out on being born in Belfast.

Think I lost my citizenship rights to the RoI in the 80s due to a change in nationality laws and a failure to have my birth registered with them by a certain date (my mother actually looked into it at the time but ran into problems on documentation due to there having been a fire in the central state records office in Dublin during the civil war in the 20s that wiped out a lot of birth certificate records for Donegal and not having access to the RC church's baptismal records instead due to the relevant ancestors being Presbyterian) so nowadays to cut a long and probably highly tedious story short it would be Canada and Scotland courtesy of naturalization in the former case.

As a first generation immigrant I can see parent's birthplace eligibility as being a valid basis for national team selection in some cases and think people with a more clear cut national loyalty are often way too quick to criticize people with a more multi-faceted sense of identity on that but I have very little respect for grandparent eligibility because based on my own hypothetical what ifs in that regard I think the link is way too tenuous at that point if there has been no prolonged period of actual residence in the country involved.

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Canada - I'm 14th generation canadian (Francophone)

I would basically assume that most white Francophone Quebecois are long-long time Canadians. I find it amusing to see Transfermarkt has the French flag beside most of our Quebec based players as they surely can't be eligible for France.


- Canada

- England - paternal grandparents came over around 1905

- USA?? - maternal grandmother from the Ozarks - don't know how feasible that one is

Oh, and add kj52's disclaimer for me too lol.

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Canada - Birth

France - Father

England - Mother

Scotland - Maternal Grandfather

My Daughter

Canada - Birth

Nicaragua - Mother

France - Paternal Grandfather

England - Paternal Grandmother

USA - Maternal Grandfather (naturalized)

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