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Canada vs Belarus (R)

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Meh. You have your opinion. I must admit though that it gets really annoying reading the same thing over and over.

IMO, he's still #2 behind Ali. Ali's not there, so let him have it. I do not share Loyola's rosy account of Occean's game against Greece (or Ukraine for that matter) and none of the other kids have put together at least two solid seasons to warrant being assigned that position. When push comes to shove, he's the second best (at worst) that we have until someone else pushes their way in.

Exactly how I see it

Just to add this:

Friend's last 2 starts for Canada - 3 goals for our team (vs. Honduras and Belarus)

Occean's last 2 starts for Canada - 2 goals for our team (vs. Greece and Ukraine)

Pretty close there but I've always felt Friend has had a few great performances for Canada (vs. Jamaica in 06 and Brazil in 2008) while I've never seen an Occean match where he was at that level.

Anyways Issey on for Friend

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Awesome guys. This will be great come this Summer. Hopefully they can build from this. I know it is Belarus, But a win is a win. Congrats to Hainault for travelling about 10 timezones and scoring. aND NOW LETS HOPE SOME THE PLAYERS WHO ARE Humming and Hawing about joining are MNT MIGHT CHANGE THERE perspective with this result.

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