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Apparently ratings were close to 300,000 (according to a link posted on usector) so the expected bump occurred. Pretty good figure considering it was up against HNIC.

I mentioned the soccer-hating *******s in my blog piece that should be somewhere on the main page or on Canadian Soccer News, well here's one in the media doing his best with a negative piece after the game - written before the ratings came in:


Good to see him getting mercilessly slaughtered in the comments section.

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Congrats to whoever wrote this comment in response to the Dowbiggin article, pretty much sums everything up and much more entertaining:

"A curiously mean-spirited op-ed piece.

Put up or shut up or what? That's right fans, either you meet whatever metric for success Bruce Dowbiggin sets (ratings numbers, attendance figures, on field success), or he is shutting down Canadian soccer forever. Time to step to the plate -- otherwise Bruce will smash you over the head with it. You will have had your chance.

What's that basketball? Got something to add? Shut up and get back in the basement, no one cares about you. And baseball, I wouldn't get to cocky either ... what have you done for us since the Expos left? While we're on the subject, time Canadians started supporting the CFL a little better as well. Or just close it down too, Bruce doesn't care either way. You're on your own little buddy, now be quiet while I head down to Buffalo to watch some REAL football.

I'm sorry Hockey, don't let all this arguing get you upset. Bruce loves you, you are Bruce's special little guy! Bruce will never hurt you, there there. What's that? You have a little problem with head-shots and on-ice violence? You are having a hard time in Phoenix and Atlanta? That's OK! That's just you being you! Bruce loves you just the way you are! You can do no wrong in Brucies eyes ... mmmwwhhahhh! (kiss on forehead)"

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