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Ok, here is what I think Winter will go with based on what I have seen so far...


It's a given that Frei will be in goal and that Attakora/Cann will be in front of him. I doubt De Guzman will be ready to play yet. I think Winter will want the full backs to get forward which most likely will be Omphroy and Gargan. Gargan to me is a no brainer at this point due to his experience in MLS and our lack of depth with experienced full backs at the moment. Winter will want a lot of passing of the ball and possession in the center of midfield and I believe that would be Zavarise, Bouchiba and DeRo. This is the position DeRo played successfully for Houston and this is the position he has been playing in preseason in many cases, basically playing just behind the striker and joining the attack late. On the wings I have Peterson and Martina. Winter will want them to make quick runs, cut into the center and either shoot or feed the main striker which I have has Maicon who to me is a no brainer.

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[As mentioned, Zav is Canadian.]

During the preseason, Yourassowsky got a lot of playing time. While Winter may have just wanted a long look, I wouldn't be surpirsed if he got the start at left back.

Bouchiba's had a knock for a while - has anyone heard if he's ready to go? If not, I think you could see Cordon getting the start. A couple of the RPB's down in Charleston said that Winter liked him.

Otherwise, seems about right. Is there really the depth to do anything else?

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Bouchiba's injured...there has been some talk that JDG may be ready sooner than him.

Yourassowsky isn't, as we speak, signed...even if they do sign him today, would his ITC come through... on a weekend, are you kidding? But he has won the job...there may be other problems with regard to discovery limits/roster stuff...

Omphroy? Maybe, but he hasn't looked so hot at the back...better when he played on the wing. He himself has been speculating that Winter sees him more as an attacking type at this point...

Harden and Sturgis, particularly Sturgis, would play before others...

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I think that the keys to success this year are an outstanding season from DeGuzman and that Mikael Yourassowsky, Javier Martina, Nick Soolsma and Elbekay Bouchiba are significantly better then Maksim Usanov, Martin Saric, Raivis Hscanovics and Mista.

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