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Voyageurs Fantasy MLS 2011


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Anyone interested?




Entrants: 18 maximum

Web Site: http://games.espn.go.com/fc-manager-mls/en/


1. ThiKu Mariners FC

2. TFC07

3. CF Rosemont

4. High Park FC

5. Toke City FC

6. Seahawk FC

7. Rockhounds

8. Ourilan

9. Svens_Shooters

10. Skull Kickers FC

11. Big Red Machine

12. FC United of Kingston

13. FC Hertha saviola7

14. Mr.Doug.E.Fresh

15. Red River Flood

16. HonkeyDonkey FC

17. The Glowing Hearts

18. CS Caca


All further submissions to league will be removed.

THANKS GUYS! A successful season and next year we can vote on some additional rules/content etc etc. Should be good!

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That's 7 as of today. WHy not make a decision here.

What format to use:

1. Draft (have to pick a random draft order and get it done within a few weeks)

2. Free for all.

I prefer free for all. I do a draft fantasy league and it's very restrictive ... an EPL one. Kinda stuffy. Let's see who can get the best team done! ???

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When does the league start? If we do a draft we'll have to give it a good 10-day head start eh??

Draft is good, but then someone needs to manage spreadsheets and transfers and all that.....I ain't doing it! If someone wants to volunteer to run that aspect then I am in for a draft. We'll go with majority. 51% of preference wins out??

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$1000 gift card from ESPN or something? I dunno....probably don't get anything.

Barring time for a draft, what we could do is a draft of Canadian players?

Get a list of Canadians in MLS and say "each team has to have 3 Canadians"?? We would have to decide if this list would include Teal Bunbury and Alain Rochat. As neither are CMNT-eligible but are "Canadians"? Same goes for maybe Landon Donovan....?

Then for the remaining 12 roster spots just leave it at free-for-all. But throughout the year can have no more less than 3 Canucks on the rosteR? Don't have to be starters. ???

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@munseahawk: we would have to do our own draft through this web page. Like I suggested, maybe we do a draft of the Canadian MLS'ers only. Then the rest of the league is free-for all....maybe have minimum 2 Canadians per team?? Maybe 3? No minimum number of Canadians in first XI???

If not, let's just pick teams and see what happens.

@TFC07: ANYONE CAN JOIN! Go ahead. The private league details are earlier in this thread.

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I am in. I prefer just picking your own team, don't have time for a draft. And I want to stock my team with Canucks.

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Signed up. I make 9 and my brother should be 10. I already started picking my team so I say no draft. Do we want to cap this at let's say 18-20 dudes in the pool? I'd also be interested in trowing down a couple bucks. If we did $10 per person with 15 guys that would be a decent payout. We could email money transfer the fee to one person who then pay the winner at the end of the season.

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