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CONCACAF U17 Final: Canada vs USA February 27th, 2011


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Americans marking Alderson very well. Aleman is the best player on the pitch today...Nanco is disappointing. All flash, no product. We've done very well today. Composed. Focused attacks. Good periods of possession. Play out of the back quickly and keep possession in the American half. I'd like to see Hamilton come on and put the American central defenders under more physical pressure. Either him or Jalali. Chapman playing well but I think too similar to Aleman.

Excellent first half.

Both teams playing 4-4-2/4-4-1-1 eh? Both parking a winger out wide.

American roster break down. I assume all these guys are from USSDA? One guy from Tokyo. Good percentage from MLS Academies. As a Vancouver guy it is interesting that none are from Sounders, and yet Sounders are dominating the pacific coast in USSDA. Surprised the American GK is the best #2 they could find...He's not done anything wrong but has no presence.

U.S. Under-17 MNT Roster by Position

GOALKEEPERS (2): Kendall McIntosh (Mustang Academy; Santa Rosa, Calif.), Fernando Piña (Houston Dynamo; Houston, Texas)

DEFENDERS (6): Kellyn Acosta (FC Dallas; Plano, Texas), Joe Amon (South Carolina United FC; Summerville, S.C.), Zach Carroll (Vardar; Grand Blanc, Mich.), Mobi Fehr (Tokyo Verdy 1969; Tokyo, Japan), Nathan Smith (Cal Odyssey; Clovis, Calif.), Andrew Souders (Crew Soccer Academy; Amherst, Ohio)

MIDFIELDERS (7): Jordan Allen (Empire United; Rochester, N.Y.), Matt Dunn (FC Köln; Dallas, Texas), Alejandro Guido (Aztecs Premier; Chula Vista, Calif.), Marc Pelosi (De Anza Force; Sunnyvale, Calif.), Esteban Rodriguez (Cosmos Academy West; Palmdale, Calif.), Tarik Salkicic (Strictly Soccer; Pinellas Park, Fla.), Dillon Serna (Colorado Rapids Academy; Brighton, Colo.)

FORWARDS (5): Paul Arriola (Arsenal FC; Chula Vista, Calif.), Alfred Koroma (Solar Chelsea SC; Arlington, Texas), Jack McBean (LA Galaxy; Newport Beach, Calif.), Andrew Oliver (Westside United; Indianapolis, Ind.), Mario Rodriguez (Central Aztecs; North Hollywood, Calif.)

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Canada's mids not supporting quickly enough. The attack ends with the forward who then have no option but to hold up and wait something that doesn't materialize.

I agree, that seems to be the difference between us creating an offensive chance or just flaming out.

When the team quicky takes it's shape and we transition to attack everything looks brilliant. But we seem to be winning the ball in a lot of cases but we're unable to hold it up long enough to get support and sustain possession. Exception being Alderson who is pretty much super glue when it comes to the ball.

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lots of nervous energy that 1st half. hopefully Fleming calmed them down a tad at halftime and encourage them to keep the ball on the ground a bit and support each other a little better. I definitely see a goal coming in the 2nd half

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