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Impact de Montréal's training camp


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Who knows how complete these updates were but it seems Camara was at the center of much of the Impact's chances.

ALIGNEMENT PARTANT IMPACT : Bush, Billy, Pizzolitto, Hatchi, Cossette, LeGall, Camara, Ribeiro, DiLorenzo, Ech Chergui, Gerba

But Portland 7' : Eddie Johnson (Omerino) IMPACT 0 PORTLAND 1

33' Hassoun Camara with a 35-yard free kick just wide to the right of the Timbers keeper

Pointage mi-temps / Halftime score IMPACT 0 PORTLAND 1

Changements/Subs 46': Gaudette IN Bush OUT, Aaboubou IN Pizzolitto OUT, Pelletier IN Cossette OUT, Kreamalmeyer IN LeGall OUT

Changement / Sub 55': Ech Chergui OUT Agourram IN

56' Camara avec une autre chance de marquer. Tir de 20 mètres dans l'axe, mais arrêt du gardien des Timbers en plongeant a sa droite

Changement / Sub 59' : Gatti IN Ribeiro OUT

Changement / Sub 63' : Porter IN Gerba OUT

Portland mene toujours 1-0, mais l'Impact a plus de possession en deuxième demie

67' Avertissement / Caution Hicham Aaboubou

Changement / Sub 72': Da Costa IN Billy OUT

74' Ballon en profondeur de Camara. Reda fait un crochet et prend un tir bas de 20 mètres que le gardien arrête en plongeant au sol.

Changement / Sub 75': Mayard IN DiLorenzo OUT

76' Avertissement / Caution: Kevin Hatchi

78' Suite a un centre de Kreamalmeyer, Mayard pivote a 10 mètres, mais faible tir bas

Changement / Sub 87' : Cardin IN Camara OUT

Pointage final / Final score: IMPACT 0 PORTLAND 1 Prochain match vs Kansas City le 26 février

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On the website they still have Terminesi on the roster, but they've not signed him and as far as I can tell he's not at training camp. Does anyone have info about his situation? It seems to me that they would need another forward as they only have three under contract.

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Sounds like they could have scored more as well... Good to get a few goals before they come back to Montreal. Even if it's all against MLS teams it wouldn't have been good to come home being shut out 3 times.

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