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CSL: So much for two divisions


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Unless it's two divisions of 7 teams, playing each opponent four times for a 24 game season, it looks like 14 teams, 26 games, balanced schedule this go-round.

Also, Macksam, apparently you'll be cheering for Brampton City United FC. I don't understand the addition of "City" but whatever.

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This is a mildly interesting snippet:

Home developer Neil Malhotra, a vice president with Claridge Homes in Ottawa, will realize an announcement in 2009 to bring professional soccer back to the national capital.

Think this might be a different entry from the soccer academy that had the Ottawa FC reserve team last summer and appeared to be behind the "conditional franchise" announced in October. Neil Malhotra was the other interested party in D2 besides the CFL/John Pugh group that is now aligned with the NASL and has been interviewed on ICF in the past. If this is legit it is bizarre that there has been no separate franchise announcement so far.

Beyond that there's no real way of being sure at this point whether some of the 14 are keeping a foot in both camps in case sanctioning of the new league doesn't get approved (while Milltown and Hamilton Croatia are the most adamant about the need for change and are willing to risk being left out in the cold) but it would be very bad news for the future prospects of any new rival league if the TFC and Impact Academy teams stick with the CSL.

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