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I was thinking about with all the recent news surrounding the caps in England(ie. paul barber signing, linked to keane, robbie savage, Haber and gage successful trials, and now the possibility of arsenal being linked with selgado), what the profile of the team is there? clearly it's not much, but is it more than other MLS clubs? I think Galaxy and Cosmos probably have the highest(relatively) profile, but could Vancouver be a close third? I'm too young to know but from what I hear vancouver was one of the highest profile clubs in Europe in the old NASL.

maybe we just need a space inspired name. . .

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Well it does help that the Whitecaps name have some good history. The original MLS teams were mostly formed in what '96 or something like that, where MLS was a bit of a joke in its infancy. I am not discounting your original comments at all. I think any way to raise the profile of soccer in Canada is fantastic.

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