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World Youth Cup 2011 - qualifying


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CONMEBOL: They are mid-way though qualifying. Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador have advanced to the final round. Out of these, the hosts (Colombia) plus 4 others will qualify. Looks like Argentina is back on track after that dreadful performance they had in the 2009 qualifying tournament.

AFC: North Korea, South Korea, Australia and Saudi Arabia qualified.

CAF: Down to 8 teams, of which 4 will qualify to be determined in late March.

CONCACAF: Four qualifiers to be determined in April using the usual retarded qualifying format.

UEFA: Already settled: England, Spain, France, Croatia, Portugal, Austria qualified.

Continuous football this summer: :D

Gold Cup: June 5-25

Copa America: July 1-24

World Youth Cup: July 29-August 20

All played in convenient time-zone to us.

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hmmm... The African final round of qualifying is scheduled to take place in Libya next month - Benghazi and Tripoli to be precise. No way in hell is that gonna happen!!

I guess it would be moved to one of the other 7 nations that have reached the final stage. Or maybe Lesotho and South Africa (Bloemfontein) can co-host(?). But my money would be on Ghana.

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