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Anyone seen this? Funny Canada story


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That's good.

I remember when he started the 2nd game of the Belize series in Kingston in 2004 when he was literally screaming the anthem at the top of his lungs and the rest of the guys were almost doubling over in laughter.

Here's a blast from the past I found, Bircham doing the anthem before the Ireland game wayyy back

Check out young Radz, Pesch and DeVos yikes time flies!

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I'm not surprised; that Marc Bircham ... probably the funniest guy on the team.

What possesses a man to buy a python, hide it in a hotel bathroom, and inadvertedly give

their older equipment manager a near-heart attack?

And get a partial refund on the snake from the pet store!

I'm sure Holger was such a fan of his antics. ;-)

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LOL! No wonder we don't fcking qualify for anything when the players and staff are recovering from traumatic terrifying experiences.


Stalteri screaming like a girl. Can't ever really look at him the same way again. (I would too)

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Oh...my.... Gawd.

Legend. Maybe not the best in the telling but the imagination runs riot.

LOL. That is a good fu'king story. Outstanding. Why haven't we heard of this before?

Because we're the fans, and most of the stories we here from players/staff are filtered through the press and cleaned up for us? That kind of banter between the lads must go on a lot, would be funny to be a PR guy or equipment mgr and see it all go down

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