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Bob Lenarduzzi President of the Vancouver Whitecaps on Fan590

Joe MacCarthy

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Bob Lenarduzzi President of Vancouver Whitecaps FC

with Bob McCown and Michael Grange March 15th, 2011

The member of the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame joins Prime Time Sports to discuss the upcoming MLS debut of Vancouver Whitecaps FC and soccer in Canada.

Listening to Grange makes me cringe. he presents himself as defender of the game but he is totally out of it when it comes to his facts and information. You can tell from that entire episode (prior and after the Lennarduzzi interview) that McCown is far more informed about the game and its history in Canada. As a result, Grange's analysis and conclusions are so weak because his research and information is poor.

In that piece, it shows that he is completely oblivious to the structures and history of the pro game in Canada. He is under the assumption that Vancouver has a long uninterrupted existence in high level pro soccer but clearly not even aware that, aside from the past three years of TFC, the top pro side in Toronto has always played in the same league and level as the top pro side in Vancouver. He has never heard of the Lynx obviously.

Same thing happened a few weeks ago when the same two were discussing the merits of the Womens World Cup. That felt odd because the guy defending soccer, was basing his arguments on superficial assertions such as not understanding of how different the audience and demographics of women's soccer is in Canada compared to mens soccer.

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