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2011 Wish List


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I wish for playing time, especially for our younger professionals.

There have been years when injuries decimated our program, despite a few real success stories like Simpson and Attiba, but I don't remember a year like this past one (especially the last quarter) when so many exciting young Canadians were sitting on benches worldwide.

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For more support. For the CSA to somehow generate more interest through marketing and such, so this team becomes relevant in the Canadian sporting world. I want the cities and sports news to buzz a bit over the Gold Cup in June and WCQ's in the fall.

Ultimately I wish for Canadian soccer to be as relevant to this nation as the Blue Jays and the CFL are. (which are the top two outside of hockey). Of course I cheat with my wish, as success for the programs are ultimately tied to this! :D

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CMNT wins the GC, and then the CWNT wins the WC! None of this "hope for a good run in the tournament" sh*t!

I take 6 wins in 6 games during the WCQ before the GC win....remember 2000.....

I wish both the U17 and U20's qualify for a WC.

I wish for Milan Borjan or someone else to challenge Lars in net so we have some much needed competition at that position.

I wish one of our three target man establish himselfl firmly as the starter.

I wish we have a RB who plays at the club level.

I also want to wish all my fellow Voyageurs an excellent 2011 in what should be an exciting year for Canadian soccer (WNT at the WC, WCQ starts, GC, U17 and U20 WCQ, Vancouver first MLS season, etc).

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I'm going to assume that everyone elses wishes cover this stuff but here is mine (i take for granted we'll survive group stage 1 of the WCQ and we'll do alright in GC):

1. Women's World Cup, we advance to the Semis

2. CMNT caps Junior, JDG2 and 5 unnamed young players (of which i hope at least 1 will become a regular national fixture)

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The women win the WC (wich might not be that unrealistic)

The Men win another GC wich would do wonders for our ranking

Junior Hoilett and JDG2 commit to national team long term

Other major prospects emerge for the future

We get a reasonable draw for our path to WC qualifiying for 2014 (no more screw jobs by CONCACAF)

We see the establishment of another few solidly run pro clubs in major centers (no matter what league structure they play under)


A fair GC with competant officiating (CONCACAF, this is getting embarrassing)

Men make a solid run at GC

The CSA schedule 4 or more friendlies in addition to the GC games (The have done a good job of getting decent opposition so far, however we still played an inadequate number of games last year. When you consider how many most of our regional rivals played, our 6 does not cut it. I would accept some games against lower ranked nations. At some level games are games.)

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