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The Curious Case of Isidro Sánchez


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So, first is the news from a few weeks ago that Sanchez has been transfer listed by Puebla, official recognition that he's not in their plans for 2011. He offered a polite enough goodbye via twitter to the Puebla fans and his supporters:


(Note the top he is wearing :> )

Then...his father, Jose Luis Sanchez Sola or Chelís, who (unbeknownst to me) was the former manager of Puebla between 2006 and 2010, came out in the press to question his son's dismissal and attack the club by various means, allegedly disrupting future transfers saying the city is unsafe, questioning the honour (manliness?) of the directors, etc.. He signed in November to manage rivals Tecos:


Hopefully those with a better grasp of Spanish can shed more light on the situation, but it does seem like quite a dramatic series of events after a long-term lull in the footballing life of Isidro Sanchez. He's still only 23. Maybe TFC or Caps could have a peek at him?

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